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Trump and the White Hats I knew, but this?

If this were a movie, this would be a total twist for an ending and one people would be saying, I never saw that coming at all!! So, this is a show and nothing real makes any sense, what if this is really going down? And if it isn’t, then at least this makes for a story more believable than Joe Biden won the election.

Fact checkers have become like fake news – they have lied so much that no one with intelligence pays attention to them anymore. The have zero credibility. They have lost the propaganda war.

So in the land of Oz where nothing is like it was in Kansas, we venture on and count the flying monkeys as we get our hands smacked by trees when we pick a nice red apple.

May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person
May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person
May be a Twitter screenshot of one or more people and text that says '12m President-Elec MolonAnon This is crazy!! BUT it has [their] fingerprints ALL over all those celebs who died at age 27? Puhlease that's just when they were RECYCLED! Many of these folks are TIRED of this multi-generational Luciferian role play -I'm PRAYING that Linda&Amy ESCAPED -not re-assigned. President-El MolonAnon K... 9m The President was definitely signaling to us that Amy is some kind of 'secret weapon' when he tweeted THIS picture.... we just didn't know that she was the resurrected version of Amy Biden!'

Read the whole story here: Is Amy Coney Barrett Naomi Christina “Amy” Biden? (

Humor of the day…Fauci MASK AND BLOW HORN…I think I will get one of those for my SUV!


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