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USA Today has joined the ranks of Fake News. And because they have, people in key states, Florida the main one, is believing they are having a gas shortage now and filling up their cars, gas cans, containers, storage bins, and even have been seen filling up plastic bags with the grocery store Publix on them.

May be an image of car and outdoors
This right here is what gets people into car fires, and home disasters. Gas fumes are toxic and this bin is not a safe idea, as well as illegal mode to transport gas. But, hey they think there is a shortage so…fill it up!
No description available.

My source…. just took this photo after waiting for a long, long time to get some gas. My source also talked with the gas station owner to verify that there is no shortage, and they just got their tanks filled two hours prior. She said, “Our gas comes from the Gulf and our ships are still coming in without any problems.”

No description available.

Again….fake news tells false report and people go out like it’s the Zombie Appocolypse and fill everything up and create their own shortage. This happened with toilet paper and I thought we all learned our lesson? Apparently not.

Click the link above to see woman filling up plastic bags with gas.

USA TODAY SAYS: What you need to know about the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, gas prices, shortages

“The ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline is threatening to cause gas shortages and could affect prices if it continues longer than expected.

While experts are cautioning drivers not to rush to fill up, government officials are taking steps to protect Americans from gasoline price spikes and ensure that fuel can be shipped in other ways.

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To be sure, the Colonial Pipeline says it’s aiming to “substantially” restore service by the end of the week, which would likely limit most of the fallout. But in the next few days, motorists could feel the effects.

Gas tops $3:What you need to know about gas shortages, Colonial Pipeline cyberattack

Full article here: What you need to know about the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, gas prices, shortages (

This is how we in America have all sorts of shortages coming. IT COMES BY SELFISH HOARDING and STUPID people listening to FAKE NEWS.

This is not the new normal. This is the normal of fake news and foolish people.

But, it seems to be proven that we cannot fix STUPID.

Pray for peace and safety as your own neighbor may have bags of gas that go awry in their garages. My hope is the fire trucks will have gas to fuel their trucks so they can put out senseless fires started by illegal storage of flamable materials.

Stay Strong!


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