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Many have been asking – “What Bible should I read?” This question has arisen out of a firestorm of questions regarding dispensationalism and all the Bibles with other men’s names on them. Other mens names on the Bible does not mean the verses are altered today. It means the commentary of the person’s name on the front is presented within the King James Version. It is a very slippery slope.

However, there are a few who have inserted and altered a few words in the Bible and one of those is John Nelson Darby.

This video on dispensationalism explains how it happened, when it happened and why it happened. It is for each to discern, and for each to pray and ask the Lord where to go from here in their learning. No one can ever take your salvation out of God’s hands and never let anyone tell you differently.

During the years I wanted to know everything I could, so I purchased many Bibles to find what all these celebrity pastors had to say on the interpretations, for I wanted all the truth. At that time in my search I was blind to all the deception. I was merely being a good Christian and learning all the things I was supposed to learn…or so I thought at the time. For many years now I was shown the truth. It was not by a pastor, nor by any man…it was through the Lord leading me through the Holy Spirit for I had no one to show me.

I ended up searching the way Jesus said to search all along and hadn’t heard it from the pulpit. That was to read the scriptures for myself and let no man interpret for me. Or shall I say, I never got permission from the pulpit to do it for every time I did I was told I was not a theologian, nor a pastor, and not understanding what I was finding. Repent Dianne….and listen to what we are telling you was always the consensus. Along with the famous….”Women should be SILENT in the church and be taught at home by their husbands.” I always wondered what widows and single moms were to do? I guess shut up, sit down and remain silent. Now that is censoring in the most highest regard…”Thus saith the Lord be silent Woman.” Yet, the first to see Jesus after he was risen was Mary of Magdalene of which my Lord told her to go and tell the others he had risen and she did.


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