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We all agree the Lord is returning in great glory with all the armies of heaven and every eye shall see him. There is and never has been a dispute in that wonderful message. Pastor Jeff Durbin has an excellent way of showing each Christian how to look at what they are reading with truth without scripture hopping (which is not the same as cross referencing). Each sentence spoken by Jesus is clear and concise when you read the Bible with the Holy Spirit.

Jeff presents the timeline as told to all of us by Jesus. He takes it in context and from the mouth of Jesus in our Lord’s own words.

Watch this sermon from Pastor Jeff Durbin on the Great Tribulation.

Below is another Good Sermon that takes the Bible at its’ Word the way it was said by the Lord. THIS IS A MUST WATCH FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN WHO LOVES THE LORD AND SEEKS THE TRUTH IN HIS WORD.

This is from their series in the Gospel According to Matthew. This is an often misunderstood section of Scripture that has been used in the creation of many aberrant religious groups and has been used as a source of criticism from many unbelievers and higher-critical scholars.

When did Jesus say He was going to return in judgment?

Where did He say this was going to take place?

Why was He warning them of this?

Is this passage about the “end of the world” or the end of the Old Covenant “age”?

As Christians, we all believe that Jesus is returning for the resurrection (1 Cor. 15). However, is this particular passage about that truth or is this about a local judgement upon His generation? Watch this message in which Pastor Jeff starts the conversation about what the “end of the age” is all about.

Every Christian needs to understand the Bible and Pastor Durbin has a very clear, straight forward approach that brings Christians together learning scripture instead of arguing denomination.

Christians all love the Lord and during these days of corruption at every turn, The Marshall Report has turned into a bit of a gathering place for those who Love The Lord from all walks of life. This was never my intent…but it happened. We long for his return. We seek his presence in our lives as we go throught these days right out of the Twilight Zone.

Let us all learn together and let God lead our hearts to what he wants us to learn, see, do and be in all walks of our lives. May we work together as the storm blasts against our every bit of patience and wit. God bless you all and may these presentations from Pastor Jeff Durbin.

God led me to these videos and as He always does with me, especially these days, it was perfect timing.

Durbin tells of his hunger for all the information he could find on end times, and the second coming and the signs of his coming…he sounded a lot like me for I have been doing so since I was 17. Everything on the left behind, and anything about Jesus and his second coming and world events. In my previous blog, I mentioned all the Bibles I had with pastor names on them…why do you think I had so many? I wanted every ones view point. I wanted to hear what EVERYONE SAID on the subject so I didn’t miss anything.

I had a mountain of books on rapture and timelines and what was going to happen. China, Russia, European Union and the ten heads on the beast, I ate it all up. I would watch every show talking about it. I couldn’t wait for Jack Van Impe to come on to hear what the world was doing and how close we were to the Lord’s return. Imagine my surprise when my eyes opened and I saw what I was believing and witnessing was not quite right? So, I’ve been there and done that too. God bless us all.


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