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Johns Hopkins Confirms: Self-Spreading Vaccines Are No Myth – is this legalized depopulation?

Now isn’t this special. Is this disinformation or real information. Discern, discern, discern. Nothing is as it appears should be our first response always. What do they have to gain by having people believe this new information? Will we now start some quarantines? Self imposed lockdowns…anger, frustration and even hate caused by our fear of those who took the vaccine? Good grief…here comes the witch hunt.

CDC Cuts COVID-19 Quarantine Time for Exposure to Others | EHS Today

I do not totally trust Johns Hopkins Hospital research and here is why… they receive funding from the great merchants of the earth and the World Health Organization. Now I am not saying they don’t help people and have great doctors, I am saying many of the people who fund various research projects have had alterior motives attached to their funding. Where many offer grants and funding to enrich the future of medical breakthroughs for good, there are those who fund the medical field to control WHAT THEY RESEARCH by giving RESEARCH GRANTS to RESEARCH what they want. They patent man made virus’s and all type of strange things. Institutions need the grant money so they do what they are asked to do. After all, it is all for the cause of helping humanity, right? It can often be a merry go round, controlled by great merchants. See this link: 2. Identifying Sources of Funding (

Coronavirus Quarantine and Eating Disorders: A Perfect Storm - Center For  Discovery

That being said… what if it is true? What if we are now going to be vaxed by those who took the vaccine whether we like it or not? Well this could be a camouflage for 5G or some frequency surges on society…and no one would know the difference as to whether it was or wasn’t from the vaccine? Especially if their fear mongering, mind control continues to keep people blind, deaf and dumb.

According to the article linked below,

“We are watching a genocidal transgenerational plan unfolding. Bill Gates is executing it on behalf of dead men and others who shared their goals.

This is diabolical. Satanic. Civilization in facing a hugely clear and present danger.”

I know…it’s hard to read, I can’t read it either…so here is the link…Self-spreading vaccines • Vaccine toxicity, laws, actions to take –
Do you trust Rockefeller Foundation? Do you?

So get ready…remember they were going to drag out the vaccine for five years that would have placed the vaccine roll out at 2025. Then they would have a new dilema…it would be called SPARS PANDEMIC!!!!!!!

Oh but this is only hypothetical…..says John Hopkins Research….well what else was hypothetical? Oh, yes…COVID-19 AND THE LOCKSTEP hypothetical scenario. Yea, right….! spars-pandemic-scenario-2.pdf (

At what point do these depopulation experts paid for by the Cabal, think people will wake up and SEE WHAT THEY ARE DOING? They have certainly underestimated the power of the creation God made to have a HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH that counters all of their evil serums!

This gives all the appearance of a biological warfare attack on all of humanity!

So the spread a vax was hypothesized a long time ago and we are now exposing part II of the Virus that ate the world or something like that. But, in the end, God wins and the vax and all the little needles they have jabbed into God’s people will be a historic reminder of man’s evil. Similar to the historic rememberance of the crown of thorns they prodded into and pressed down on our Saviors head. The Lord has risen and in the end we win. In fact, the battle has already been won. EXPOSE THE LIES – SPREAD THE WORD AND LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD LOUDER THAN THEIR LIES!


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