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We keep hearing from those on the front lines like Lin Wood, and General Flynn that “THIS IS ABOUT THE CHILDREN!”

We even heard Lin Wood be so bold as to come right out and tell the world these wicked people worshipped Lucifer and traffic children, torture them  and eat their flesh and drink their blood!

Arrests of human and child traffickers has been a priority with the Trump Administration. He entered the White House going after these adrenochrome drinkers and the drug cartels. He made Executive Orders out and made many penalties for those doing these things. We know he knew all about these evils and this was on his bucket list to get done. 

In his orders, we know two things…if a person is convicted of child sex trafficking, or crimes against humanity, they will be executed. And treason was already a sentence of execution. But, also, before a trial, if the person has evidence on someone else to help the prosecution or is willing to cooperate and do things for the prosecution, they can plea bargain drop a possible sentence of execution down to life in prison, if the evidence is worth anything. Sometimes a plea deal can be to keep the public of knowing their crime in exchange for the information. We’ve seen a few week long funerals that fit this bill.

When a plea deal is made, the defendant has to present their incriminating information to make the possible sentence lighter. That information is given to the prosecution, defense, and to the judge. If it is accepted they are presented the plea deal, and then they have to make a written statement and plead guilty to the crime with a video confession and the written statement. That is how all plea deals work.

There have been mass arrests of people involved in either treasonous or Satanic worship rituals involving torturing children, then murdering them as a sacrifice. Then drinking their blood that contains adrenochrome. This is called crimes against humanity and calls for death. President Trump signed an Executive Order calling for the death penalty for anyone involved in crimes of humanity or treason to be given a tribunal and sentenced to execution.

Spirit Cooking, Satanism – Art and the Occult – Zero Equals Two!
Art? Forming a child in a corner from human feces and painting it in blood. Sick! These people are sick.

If the person(s) arrested were taking orders from the cabal and carrying out their orders then that is called Treason. Some have written that Obama made a plea deal and said, “I was only following orders”, Well, that involved treason.  Some have written articles that after he made a plea deal and was let out for a time to help Trump, he violated the plea deal and was rearrested and was shot before a firing squad.  Some have said he forked over Michelle (Mike) as part of the plea and then Mike was also executed shortly after. Now these are rumors and no one will know if it has any truth to it for certain until it is officially released, I believe we will never officially be told anything. It will be one of those things we will always wonder about.

Conservative Belle 🌷 on Twitter: "Lady Gaga & Madonna with #Hillary in  #Raleigh's blatant, it's in your face satanist #spiritcooking  #evil #PodestaEmails #WAKEUP…"
This is normal and fun for those who are into Worshipping Lucifer and doing these ritual Spirit Cooking delights.

There have been many numbers on how many sealed and unsealed indictments there are on people. Some say that 160,000 have already been unsealed here and abroad. When an indictment is sealed, that means it is closed to the public to know about. When it is unsealed, it means the arrest has been made and now it is public knowledge. So if you hear there are x number of sealed indictments….those are yet to be real arrests. When you hear unsealed indictments…arrest warrants have been made.


It is a fact that indictments have been issued and there have been a huge amount of arrests in the USA and internationally. Any deaths that are not public knowledge have been given a double or clone. The White hats have placed them to avoid anger and riots against having someone they liked executed. Like Madonna, or McCain. Yes, McCain was executed. His daughter Cindy even said on the View, “My father, you can’t kill him AGAIN but whatever.”  

I ask you, why would Meghan McCain be doing a eulogy on her father with a vile, angry look and verbal expressions when it comes to the part of describing who he was for America? It’s as though she is defending him against his accusers. You see it in her facial expressions. She is angry at someone.

I ask you, why would Meghan McCain be doing a eulogy on her father with a vile, angry look and verbal expressions when it comes to the part of describing who he was for America? It’s as though she is defending him against his accusers. You see it in her facial expressions. She is angry at someone.

I used to think it sounded so ridiculous to hear people say…they can’t tell you who has been executed because the shock would be too much on the people. But after watching and listening to people going through the COVID and fearing, because they believe the lies…I now believe they are correct. Some people would indeed not be able to handle the truth.

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There are many people who still support and love Obama and Michelle who would go to the streets with fire if they heard any such thing as true.  Thus enter C.G.I. Computer generated images where they can create a video that appears they are in real time doing real things so everyone believes they are still alive and well.  Some C.G.I. videos look obviously fake, like the one where Biden is being interviewed, waves his hand and it goes right through the microphone. Others look more realistic but they all have their clues that give them away. People in photography, video and graphic arts can spot them right away. An unsuspecting audience will watch and swear you are a liar if you say it isn’t real.


For example, Mike Pence is not the real Mike Pence. We have been watching a double or a clone since July, 2019. . He was arrested because of the coup he was involved in with Paul Ryan to remove him and become President. But you don’t have to believe that. You can believe what the news tells you and pay no attention to the obvious PLASTIC SURGERY HE HAD and recovered from in 24 hours.


It is important to note that if someone dies of natural deaths…or if they say he died of COVID…then no need for a double because it is reported they died and will have a funeral.

Did anyone notice recently at the funeral of Prince Philip, they kept saying the coffin or casket was headed for…or the funeral route of the coffin …never the Coffin carrying Prince Philip…only the coffin.

I swear this looks like a double to me.

Harvey Weinstein turned over everyone in Hollywood. It has been destroyed and now he is living his life out in prison.

HARVEY WEINSTEIN was caught, women came out of the woodwork and pressed charges. Hollywood was rocked, his comrades tried to save him… he thought he would get off, but his crimes were too great. He sang like a bird in a plea bargain as the adrenochrome forest in Hollywood’s secret Hell was set on fire and one by one arrests were made. He, for all his crimes plea bargained and is living his final days out in prison. So much for the great Harvey Weinstein that Meryl Streep and others had been cowing to.

Right now  GITMO is full. Some are negotiating a plea deal. There are others who were arrested and others on house arrest.  There are many arrested that people aren’t naming because they aren’t well known. The big names are what people are following and longing to hear have been arrested and won’t believe it until they see it and have fake news say it.  

U.G. Kempenaer on Twitter: "Marina Abramovic is ook gelieerd aan de broers  Podesta en Bill Gates. #SpiritCooking #PizzaGate…"
This nude man by the tree was a model named Ryan Singleton. His body was found soon after in the Mojave Desert. His corpse was missing eyes, lungs, heart, kidney, and liver. These people are sick, evil, Luciferien (Baal) worshipers.

There have been thousands of arrests here and around the world. Most have been charged with crimes against humanity and some treason, some have been charged with both.

President Trump told us over and over he had everything he needed on all of them and he had caught them all. Now, I ask you this, how many believe that Trump is not a man of his word?  How many believe that he never follows through?

I’ll answer that, President Trump is a man of his word and he always follows through, under budget and ahead of schedule!  He DOES NOT LEAVE LOOSE ENDS and he will NEVER GO DOWN IN HISTORY with all the crap the deep state have accused, labeled, and charged to him. HE WILL CLEAR HIS NAME AND SET THE HISTORIC RECORD STRAIGHT!



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