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President Trump calls Biden a criminal and Fake News a criminal for not reporting it! Imagine that?

Is this a virtual Computer Graphic Image generated video of these two traitors to America talking lies about COVID? DO THEY THINK ANYONE CAN STOMACH LISTENING TO ANYTHING THEY HAVE TO SAY? My bet is Hilary is in GITMO and long gone never to be seen in real life again.

You don’t have to watch this, I am only posting for those who understand computer generated images so they can see how it’s done. This has all the hallmarks of C.G.I. generated, and not a real interview…this is to make people believe she is not in GITMO… sick sort of Cabal entertainment. This interview reeks. It is fake in the sense that nothing they said was true, all lies…and fake in the sense that isn’t Hillary with headsets. Good Grief they are having fun with their toys.

Joe, well, he’s just gone. He has left the planet by his handlers choice of vitamin shots. I DO NOT EVER WANT WHAT THEY GAVE HIM.


Meanwhile back in Portland…ANTIFA is hired out and ready for more destruction. Part Two of America on Fire….who will win? The peaceful protestors or the officers? Why not throw the Mayor out to them. Maybe they’ll be happy and go away then? It’s worth a try.

Sidney Powell says President Trump is the only lawful president now! And should be in office!

Romney is done…toast…did I say toast? He’s jelly. One blop of jelly… he’s sure got the wobbly’s!

Don Trump Jr. still smiling and laughing at Joe. If that is even Joe.

Protestors have gone to the dogs in Poland.

THE CABAL’S ANTIFA OVERSEAS IS GETTING OLD. Will someone give the police a weapon, or at least something to throw back at them.

India is looking like they turned off the TV’s and stopped watching the COVID show. Back to living their lives. Good for them.

James OKeefe @project_veritas Defamation Lawsuit – New York Times admits they did NOT contact Veritas’s named sources for comment and admits their Astor Article was WRONG about MN Law. They claimed Articles are opinion while admitting reporters are not opinion writers

There is no amount of money that you can give me to settle this case! Click on link:

Stay Strong!


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