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We heard Biden say ANTIFA was a myth. The same type of myth he helped authorize behind the scenes when Ukraine was on fire!  We watched how they lie and blame others for what they do. We watched as they called burning down buildings peaceful and people wearing a MAGA hats a threat.

A threat so great Maxine Waters ordered those in the street to get in their faces and attack. We watched from our phones and computer screens and some on TV (those who still watch) as they called the riots “PEACEFUL PROTESTS” as cities burned, people were attacked and some died.

We listened to the stand down orders and watched the wicked lawless thugs in the street mock and belittle officers. It was shameful to watch. Now Portland Mayor is asking residents to call out the names of the fire starters. We are to believe he has come to his senses and now wants to end the violence. Perhaps what he is really doing is following marching orders to lure residents into the fire. In so doing they can have their own little PORTLAND UKRAINE ON FIRE where residents come lock and loaded and the CHAS already locked and loaded have a shoot out…complete with (organized and deep state assisted) sniper fire from windows onto those in the streets. A bloody battle to blame on who?

We all watched as Trump supporters gathered in D.C. to show a force of unity against a stolen election, while the left was bussing in the peaceful myths to breech the capitol. But, you can try like they did Jan. 6th! Nothing is going according to the timing they planned on, and needed. For they needed the street revolution to start a few months ago. Actually they were hoping for it last summer. Patriots were cool headed as they always are, using lawful means and constitutional rights. Listening to the left shout lies and war in the streets itching to stop it but holding back. White Hats said…lock and load and be ready to defend your home, because these myths are out of control, but for now…just hold steady – hold that line. And hold it they did.

Now let me tell you one of the big differences in the yahoos in the streets and Nation loving Patriots. Those in the streets have been recruited with words to memorize and if they get bored waiting they will fight among themselves. Now we have seen this already. They are itching for a fight. And Biden is using his old fashioned radical playbook. It’s worked overseas, and he thinks it will work here too…if you mask them, vax them, keep them unemployed and create fear they will be mad as hell and fight.

Well, little ole mindless Joe…can’t figure out why we aren’t taking the bait. Or is it his puppet masters who can’t figure it out?  Meanwhile we have watched Joe go from gaffs to bot. If it is still him, he sure looks like he has been neutered by his own lot…whatever they gave him in return for his mind sure wasn’t worth it now was it Joe.

Their street thugs are getting wore out. They’ve even had a few skirmishes over their pay not coming through on time. We are literally watching a volcano of adrenalin overloaded hirelings excited about setting America on fire from coast to coast.  They can’t wait to do their bus tour. It is looking like it might blow any time now. Hot summer ahead. Can we diffuse it or do we have to just let it fire off so we can find every land mine and explode it so we never have to worry about stepping on one later?

Pay no attention to the floundering bot Biden, for he never was running the show. He is an empty shell at the moment, if it even is him, and the real danger is in their regime. God bless President Trump and may God be with our White Hats in the military who have been fighting the cabal behind the scenes. They would like nothing more than to see USA look like Ukraine on fire. They have pretty well replicated it in a one sided show. It will end, and not the way Biden planned.

The military is in charge and they are over the pathetic, but dangerous, target and have been. Keep the faith, hold the line….God is not mocked. Judgement is coming as it always does for those who devour his flock!  History repeats itself because it is all Biblical.

Stay Strong!


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