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While CNN fake news shouts that the Arizona Republicans are conducting a quote, “Baffling and Completely Secretive recount of the 2020 Election”….it is on line 24-7 for all to watch! Oh, if only the secretive cabal fed and led fake news would be honest and tell you how to watch it!

Well SIDNEY POWELL has done just that! EVERYONE can WATCH IT LIVE! If you are waiting for the action and tired of watching the paint dry on fake news… watch here now! Arizona Vote Audit Live Stream (


Sidney stated that the Republican Party (RNC) is doing Nothing to help! They are sitting on the sidelines figuring out campaign strategies to get your last dime. The dime General Flynn told you not to give them! The Party no longer represents the patriot Republicans who are fighting against the storm of Dems, RINOs and Puppet Masters! The cabal is big and vast.

There is one way to make sure your donations are used the right way…that is…avoid the old guard and support the new guard that has formed! If you trust Sidney Powell and the patriots who are fighting for the right kind of representation, and have already laid out millions of their own dollars to do so, then you can trust the “Restore the Republic PAC” that she and they support!

The battles have just begun, but rest assured that the enemy is exhausted, they have thrown all they have at the people and have run out of anything new. Their playbook is on parade and all the patriots have watched, and read enough to know their every move and even make winning bets on their next maneuvers. Ole Joe can’t even stay awake or speak straight, let alone fight smart. Even the dems are having “Cheaters Remorse”.

SIDNEY POWELL SAYS TO–Download the App TELEGRAM and follow Arizona Conservatives Take Action, @SidneyPowell, and The Professor’s Record (this is Dr. David Clements and he has been working hard on election integrity). You will get up to the minute information and ways you can help.

—Watch it live here:

Trump floats ex-campaign lawyer Sidney Powell as special counsel


Dear Patriots,

It has been a new world every day in Arizona.

Despite every conceivable roadblock, legal motion and hearings,
THE most historic and unprecedented audit of American ballots is still happening, at least at this moment. And it is on track to be completed by the deadline.

The Left is throwing the kitchen sink at this audit. 
Our fellow Patriots in Arizona from their Senate, to the Grassroots, have remained strong and unwavering in the face of all the usual threats, name calling and legal tricks. The Drive By Media is fit to be tied and doing their best to fool the American people into thinking that the audit is just a bunch of nuts doing something crazy. 

The Republican Party (RNC) is doing NOTHING to help. They are mute and sitting on the side lines as strong Republican State Senators, the Republican Grassrooters, the auditors, and honest attorneys and judges are fighting like champs. 

What are all of these people so afraid of? What do THEY think the audit will find? Why would all of them not want to prove that the election was clean and without fraud and that Joe Biden won fair and square? Why are they fighting so hard to take away our right to look at the results? 

By the way, many of those fighting are NOT Republicans or Trump supporters. They are PATRIOTS fighting for fraud-free elections!

21 Million ballots are being reviewed, scanned and studied, representing 65% of all the votes in whole state of Arizona. The audit is totally public. It is being filmed with nine cameras, 24/7. You can watch this happening live here:

We encourage you to follow the audit closely. It is extraordinary and historic and will have massive impact on our country and our future.

Fellow Patriots, please SHARE your knowledge and forward this to all the people in your orbits. Remember, there are more who love freedom than of those who seek to dominate and control us. The majority of people voted for freedom on November 3, 2020.

Sidney Powell

It is now like the war of the zombies…and easy to tell the good from the bad ones.



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