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BIDEN’S STUPIDITY IS NOW A THREAT TO THE WEST – and The Vatican Is Announcing What?


SKY NEWS HOST, Andrew Bolt says the “stupidity” of US President Joe Biden is now a “threat to the West”. Mr Bolt said Biden’s recent climate summit was a “disgraceful farce”.s“I am just gobsmacked that Biden … insulted the intelligence of 39 other world leaders — including our Prime Minister Scott Morrison — by making them listen to the ravings of a bizarre parade of alarmists, mystics, New Age tribal women and even a teenager”. Mr Bolt said with “no scientists around” at the summit, anyone “could claim any wild thing”. He said the “global warming scare” is now a “religion – with a touch of Marxism.” This is a must watch for you WON’T SEE THIS ON CABLE NEWS NOR THEIR ALPHABET COUSINS!

John Kennedy translates the NAZI Tyrannical Garble that drooled out of Bidens mask covered mouth. A must listen.

Biden’s Stupidity is now a national conversation!

And now….here it comes the new SUPER WEAPON….METEORITES!

They have it a while, but now they are letting you know they have it!

The First Man-Made Meteor Shower Will Light Up Japan in 2019
As I said, they’ve already been doing it! Now they weaponized it. The First Man-Made Meteor Shower Will Light Up Japan in 2019 (

THE SPIRIT OF ANTI-CHRIST IS AND HAS BEEN PRESENT SINCE THE TIME OF OUR CHRIST…BUT NOW …they are rewriting the Bible as part of their own cabal dogma, funded since the 18th century…and they are all anxious to RESET everything upside down.

So brace yourself for the next phase of the cabal’s big push to play out their script from monetized Darby, and the left behind series of one world religion ….here comes the Counter Magisterium….also known as Anti-Christ. When speaking about the upcoming Vatican Conference on Health, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò reaffirmed that “Rome will lose the Faith,” and the Church is currently in Eclipse will a Counter-Magisterium is in place. Dr. Taylor Marshall stated, “One might ask, how can this be the case of the Catholic Church and the Apostolic See of Rome is indefectable?”

I’ll guess at that answer, could it be because this isn’t God’s Conference and this isn’t God’s Word, and this is totally the followers of the illuminated light and the Cabal’s pagan quest to rule the world. Or maybe just acting like a harlot riding some dang beast? Guests to his event are Fauci, Gates, and all the cabal key puppets.

The church of Satan has raised its’ ugly head. They are now throwing everything they can at Christians on the milk before those on the meat can gently help them to open their eyes with some cold hard truth!

WAKE UP! THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST PLAIN ______________ AND _____________ AND CRAZY! The world is heaving back and forth like a drunkard and we got all kinds of cult groups out there, from channelers connecting with the light source of life preparing to go to the light, and some people of the cabal getting ready to beam up in a shift of light and becoming mini gods of some force….. and a fake virus with a vax that will eventually alter DNA in a most strange way – for those that survive it, and a mannequin as president, with a VP that cackles on demand, and ONLY BECAUSE THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN IN OUR FACES. Not to mention healthy people running around in masks like it is normal. We have a lawless Supreme Court and a joke of a justice sytem. And now we could be hit with man made meteorites whenever they feel like they want to… and they are itching to try it out like they did with tetonic plate shifting with HAARP when that was new. Remember Indonesia? What else do we need in this show to make it any more Sci-Fi? DON’T ASK!

It’s time for our heroes to enter and save the day. God is leading and we the people must hold up the arms of those sent to part the red sea! Remember – God’s Holy Spirit lives in YOU….IT IS NOT IN THE VATICAN, NOR HIDDEN IN THEIR VAULTS. And trust me, that is exactly where it would be right now if man could figure out how to get it out from you. God made sure NO ONE, NOT EVEN HELL ITSELF COULD TAKE IT FROM YOU! So as scary and surreal as this all sounds – God laughs at them and we have already won this war through his son and our savior Jesus the Christ! Fear not…just know we are marching to the Red Sea….so keep marching and watching as the Lord leads the way! This is Biblical!!!

I suggest to let the crazy demonic filled cult members enjoy their private showing and pray that God fulfill his promise to let them drink from the cup they are filling!


Satan is a false light to a dark world….his followers are many. Those that follow Lucifer truly believe he will give them all manner of power, fame, an life. This is an ancient religion, a dark cult. They pray to Lucifer as their savior and god. They pray for power of evil spirits and conjuring. The spiritual warfare rages on and it is real. Pray for God’s protection against these sick evil things and remember Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world! Amen.


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