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And if anyone says 2020 election was rigged, or dares to mention scorecard or hammer remove them promptly. If anyone mentions Dominion….sue them in the fact checker controlled court system.

But first of all, remove all who tell the truth about COVID and LOCKSTEP RESET, and those who spent years in a think tank to devise it. Pay no attention to the foundations that funded the think tanks and pay no attention to the grants and tax payer monies that went into molecular research, and pay no attention to any of the demonic looking ceremonies performed for heads of state at CERN, Super Bowl halftimes.

HPANWO Voice: Swiss Tunnel Opening Ceremony

And for heavens sakes don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill on the Obama Administration’s private party with ALICE.

Inside Obamas' secret Alice In Wonderland-themed Halloween party at White  House | Daily Mail Online
Details Of Lavish, Secret White House Alice In Wonderland Party Emerge

And so what if hotdogs and pizza cost well over $65,000 for a small party inside the White House that no one knew about until after it was over. Fact checkers are out to make sure you don’t tell the story, after all… you don’t know what you are talking about and even if you did, it is none of your business. The UNITED STATES, INC. doesn’t work for you, you are there to serve the nation at their pleasure.

pedophilia | Crash The Matrix

So if you question any of this type of thing…you will be fact checked. Count on it. (The following is from an article at What are fact checkers on Facebook? Everything you need to know about fact-checker bots (

Facebook is extremely committed to fighting the spread of fake news on its portal. Hence, the social media website introduced a third-party fact-checking program in 2016 to review and remove fake accounts, promote news literacy and prevent spammers from receiving financial incentives. The fact-checker bots on Facebook work with IFCN-certified fact-checkers around the world. The fact-checking bot on Facebook adopts a three-part approach to address the problem of problematic content on Facebook. Here’s some information about the Facebook three-party approach:

Everything You Need To Know About Fact-checker Bots.

  1. Remove: This approach removes hate speech, fake accounts and terrorist content from Facebook. This is done when the content violates Facebook’s Community Standards and Ad policies. This is done to ensure safety, authenticity, privacy and dignity.
  2. Reduce: This approach helps to balance the freedom of speech along with maintaining an authentic environment. When fake-news is identified by the fact-checking partners, its distribution is reduced in the news feed and other such surfaces.
  3. Inform: This approach applies strong warning labels on fact-checked content. This enables users to view the conclusions of the fact-checking partners. They can then decide whether to read, trust or share the content.

How does Facebook curb the spread of false news?

Identification:  At first Facebook tries to identify which news is false. This depends upon the feedback that it receives from people. Further, the application may also identify stories to review on their own.

Review: The third-party fact-checkers then review the content, verify the facts and rate the accuracy. Further, the third-party checker offers the three rating options. They are: False, Partly False and False Headline.

Filtering the fake news: If a piece of content is rated as false, it will appear less in the news feeds. Further, it will also be filtered out from Instagram. This is done to reduce the viewership of the post.

Taking Action: The pages who repeatedly share fake-news might be allowed to share lesser posts thereafter. Further, Facebook may also reduce their ability to monetize and advertise. Further, these pages will no longer be registered as news pages on Facebook.

The Hundredth Monkey | Louie Psihoyos Photography

So this same process of censoring truth that has grown to be a monster of that can no longer contain itself from an out of control feeding frenzy. Especially since the election being stolen in real time, in front of our eyes…we all watched as it took place…can you remember?

Fact checkers and rating bots are trying hard to erase your memory banks of what you saw, and instill fear to insure that you never mention a word of it, while making you believe you have COVID AND THE WORLD MUST lockdown for ever or all will die. So take a vaccine and get in line for the molecular melt down of your brain cells so the scientists can complete their experiment of trying to see if they can do a 100th monkey mind control on the masses. (or something like that). They are mad you know, and not in the emotion sense, in the mental sense.

Magica - Chris Philpott's 100th Monkey

In 2015 I was asked to write a film treatment for a doomsday scenario for the world. Everything in it had to be real technology and not something made up. It had to have the realistic pieces to be believable. I researched and wrote the treatment and it is fantastic. But, aside from that… the producer who wanted it, had a heart attack and so it went on the shelf. However, the treatment I titled “The G.O.D. Project” and in it I had included the “Brain Studies” taking place in Colorado that allowed a human’s thought processes to be placed in the ‘CLOUD’, YES THE GOOGLE CLOUD. And they were well advanced in the technology to control a person’s mind in the cloud and direct their thoughts to do the actions the controller desired. Talk about mind control….this was the ultimate. So, of course I included this in the treatment and showed how it all worked.

Mind control video posted in 2019.
Scientists work on mastering brain in the cloud, believing the research is for good and not evil purposes. Isn’t this how scientists get pulled in to the scheme? Believing they are creating something for the good of mankind…not knowing what is lurking in the shadows to use it for their own purposes.

One thing I discerned long ago is that if they (the cabal) are telling you they can do it…they already have and are now much more advanced. Today, this technology is being revealed. Articles on this research are now available for all to see and read about. Now imagine a vaccine that can assist in getting you into the altered state required? Well, get a vax and see how long it takes to either get in the cloud for a ‘STRANGE JULY’, or just watch the entire process go haywire.

Please read this article from April 2019, a year before COVID mandated lockdowns. This was written by PETER DOCKRILL

We Are Closer Than Ever to Merging Human Brains With The Cloud

Click link: We Are Closer Than Ever to Merging Human Brains With The Cloud (

Here are some excerpts: “Humanity could be on the verge of an unprecedented merging of human biology with advanced technology, fusing our thoughts and knowledge directly with the cloud in real-time – and this incredible turning point may be just decades away, scientists say.

In a new research paper exploring what they call the ‘human brain/cloud interface’, scientists explain the technological underpinnings of what such a future system might be, and also address the barriers we’ll need to address before this sci-fi dream becomes reality.

At its core, the brain/cloud interface (B/CI) is likely to be made possible by imminent advances in the field of nanorobotics, proposes the team led by senior author and nanotechnology researcher Robert Freitas Jr from the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing in California.

Nanobots – incredibly tiny machines smaller than the width of a human hair – are expected to one day benefit humans and the planet in all manner of ways, but it’ll take a particular kind to achieve the B/CI: neuralnanorobotics.

“These devices would navigate the human vasculature, cross the blood-brain barrier, and precisely autoposition themselves among, or even within brain cells,” says Freitas.

“They would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud-based supercomputer network for real-time brain-state monitoring and data extraction.”

So far, so Matrix, so Borg. But just because it sounds incredibly like fantastic science fiction, doesn’t mean it’s only a fantasy. In a sense, we’re already half-way there.

Remember everything that has been researched for the good of mankind…has always been confiscated and used for some sort of evil by those who control the system. It is just how it has always been.



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