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LIN WOOD DECLARES WHAT WE KNOW IS TRUE – DONALD TRUMP IS STILL OUR PRESIDENT! The left has tried so hard to stop the Health and Freedom Conference 20-21 with no avail. The conference has been a huge inspiration and rally to take back our lives and stop the insane mandates by a crazy out of control, cabal ran CDC and World Health Organization. They are weighed in the balance and have been found wanting. They have been found guilty of lies, guilty of inhumane acts against humanity. Actually much of it is downright crimes! Crimes the people are not going to shut up about. The voice of the people is ringing out with the sounding of Shofars, accompanied with strong Praise and Worship To God!

It is a picture of polar opposites. God’s people gather to shout the truth against the propaganda, lies and deception, while at the same time the cabal’s street thugs riot, burn, and destroy whatever they can, while Sebastian Gorka has an interview with President Trump on the future of the GOP, COVID mandates, international optics on Biden’s lack of leadership and his mess on the border!

Meanwhile, the ANTIFA spring love fest of destruction for the cabal… is interrupted at gunpoint. Coordinated unrest tonight in: Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Oakland, Portland, Washington DC Joe Biden’s peaceful protesters are at it again.

And then there is the mess on the border. Biden’s regime is trying hard to create chaos and the only ones fighting are his cabal paid thugs. God loving patriots and Christians are busy holding Health and Freedom Conferences, and Praise and Worship Rallys….the Lord is filling his people with strength, faith and discernment. The people of God are praising and rebuking the evil in the Lord’s name. This is not what the cabal or their paid thugs expected. The streets in America were supposed to be filled with crazy faith based radicals for Jesus….well now… they have lost this battle and so now…ANTIFA is at war with BLM. Or so it appears.

They are now eating their own.

Stay Strong…this to shall pass and when it does…there will be a NEW THING, A GOD THING!



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