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The Aliens Are Coming…

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So now, here come the aliens. Right out of Von Braun’s NASA playbook. The cabal are pushing out their entire agenda. They don’t care who knows…they are throwing it all out there now, because they are losing the COVID mind control and need to now push their other baloney. These things have been planned since the beginning of the NASA think tank to find a way to create such fear that the world will do what the cabal tells them.

Dr. Greer explains the plans which are to spread the lies of UFO’s and aliens.


Many have seen this video from decades ago…many have not. Here is the message of Von Braun by Dr. Carol Rosin that Greer was referring to in his talk.

Space based weapons are real and our nations have the capability of creating asteroids that appear to be coming from the sky and explode. They actually have tested these in real time… over Russia and in Brazil.

When the meteorite hit Russia, they accused the USA of testing their Space Based Meteorite weapons on them. The Russian General accused the US of this and it was shown on Fox News back in 2013. Many may remember this. There used to be a Youtube of the General on Fox News saying it was the US Asteroid weapon but it has since been taken down.

The bottom line is that USA Military or now the Space Force which is the newest branch, does have the capability of pummeling asteroids or earth projectiles on the enemy.

So now we look at all the things they planned…and the more we know and expose these things, the more they can not blame nature and aliens from other planets when they use them on us. These are coming from the cabal who have infilitrated these space based programs and desire to do the devil’s bidding. Or shall we say, they desire the devil to help them do their bidding?

Stay Strong and be not deceived. Expose them for all their evil deeds.


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