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After a Weekend at Biden’s Border…

Full movie – enjoy the show!

After a weekend at Biden’s Southern Border, Senators and Representatives have spent the last week slamming President Biden and his administration’s policies. Humanitarian crisis looms and it could have been avoided. But, it goes deeper than what appears on the surface.

Circle back still can’t circle back on this one. Time to call it what it is, cartel smuggling of drugs, and human trafficking.

But then again, it’s just another weekend at Bidens….. starring Joe the “not so cognitive”. Or is that incognito? Or both?

It feels like something is brewing in the air. But Dan Scavino seems to be giving America a message today…or not??

Sometimes the best reason of all to stop intaking a thing, is the thing itself!!

What Happens to Your Body After Drinking COKE – Virtual University of  Pakistan

Once again Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, delivers bright common sense to the people. Voter I.D. is common sense and if you need to prove who you are to get on a plane…then let’s have that conversation.

I’ll take this conversation a step further, why is the Biden administration pushing for vaccine I.D.’s but voter I.D.’s are so wrong? What is up is down and down is up…it is time to take the engine out of this bulldozer they call woke!

Is war brewing? Tick tock…time will tell.

Meanwhile ANTIFA is preparing to burn the USA to the ground. Will they succeed?

But the good news is David Hogg is giving up his “Good Pillow” entrepreneurship, aimed to rival the MyPillow brand, and returning to gun-control activism.

Stay strong!


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