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Las Vegas Democrat Mayor – Turns Republican… BUT WHAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM AT HAND?

Las Vegas Mayor, Jon Lee stated, “When you are a pro-life democrat, a pro-gun democrat and you’re a very conservative person, well that’s not really well known in the democratic party anymore. And so for me to hang on as long as I did, hoping the party would change, it didn’t it got worse. Therefore, I found a new place that I can put my allegience to and help. Once again, forget about the last eight years, it’s the next four years that predict the future.”

At six minutes in Mayor Jon Lee states why he left the Democratic Party.

The Republican Party also has its’ swamp members. The swamp has no party lines, it has an agenda. The agenda is a global one and its’ roots are ancient. It is not concerned with humanity, it is concerned with owning the entire planet and depopulating it to a size that it can control and rule easily. That is their agenda, not anything others made up. You can read it line by line in their Sustainable Development for the Twenty First Century Goals. They are working in Lockstep to achieve it. What the world is watching is the opposition pushing back. That opposition are the part of humanity the Agenda plans to force to submit to their goals.

bohemian grove cremation of care - Google Search | Bohemian grove, People  of the world, Occult

What we are watching now are the visible part of the battles. The invisible parts are being performed secretly by design. Each has a role to play and they are all playing out their roles in order to throw the enemy off track. Why? Because the infiltration is so deep…yes they walk among us. From the highest level of social classes to the very lowest and all in between. The infilitration is in your very own schools sytem, your churches, your city councils, your state governments, your judicial systems… your very own neighbors. It is everywhere. That is why this struggle is like a big sifting of the wheat and the tares.

Marina Abramovic's Crossover Moment - The New York Times

It is Biblical, we grow together to the end. Otherwise you destroy the wheat by attempting to yank out the tears.

But, while some believe typos are more sinful than an attempt to share truth (and much more fruitful to point out than any accuracy of the message)… and other think vaccines will save us all (and those that don’t get them are killing grandma)… and a section believes everything will be fine as long as their job isn’t jeopardized (and those that were unable to sustain the COVID lockdown didn’t need to be in business anyway) … we will never come to the aid of our fellow man, let alone our country, and forget about ever coming to the knowledge of the truth.

Anatomy of an L.A. Museum's Fall Affair - WSJ
The elite attend dinners that would shock you. Why do they attend Spirit Cooking Dinners as a “private, by invitation only – prestigeously honored to be invited” type of club thingy?
Baal Photos

The Cabal who are going to the thousand points of light of Lucifer, do take that one as their god (little “g” on purpose). They do perform rituals in their religion of worshipping Lucifer and those follow along the lines of ancient Baal worship. Those include sacrificing children to Baal, human sacrificing, drinking of blood and perversion of all manner in their sexual orgies before Baal (at certain rituals). They do use sorcery, witchcraft, place curses and believe they have the power of the underworld (dead people’s spirits) to perform all manner of enchantments.

Elitist Artist Marina Abramovic and Postmodernism's Diabolical Agenda | THE  REMODERN REVIEW

Because they know they are a minority and the populous is appalled at such things, they gather in secret. Their goal is to bring Lucifer out into the open and worship their god as the god of this world.

Did The Canaanites Really Sacrifice Their Children? | Bible Reading  Archeology

This is not a conspiracy, this is Biblical. We are living in the days of Noah, and Sodom and Gomorrah of lawlessness, perversion, Baal Worship (fallen angel worship) and all the aftermath this brings which is chaos upon the earth. These superbowl halftimes and spirit cooking dinners are just the tip of the iceberg. Spirit cooking dates back to the ancient Baal religion. The thing that God hates.

Joe Biden Does Not Own Island Next To Jeffrey Epstein's 'Pedo Island'

America and the entire world is at a crossroads. This is not simply a political vote them out issue. This is a matter of live or die on a world scale. God and God only will deliver us from this evil.

Isaiah 55:6,7 (KJV) - YouTube

Meanwhile, expose them for what they do and pray for God to intervene. Remember, the Lord has placed the Holy Spirit to reside within you to protect, comfort, and lead you. The devil does not want you to call on the Lord, and he wants you to be ignorant of your access to angelic and devine protection. Be not deceived. If you can’t handle fear…turn off the news and surround yourself with uplifting praise and worship, and read the Word of God praying for understanding. Amen.

Stay Strong!


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