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We have a crisis on the border when cartels make half a billion dollars a month smuggling humans across the border!

House GOP members of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Victoria Spartz slammed the Biden administration for the surge of migrants across the southern border.

Rep. Jim Jordan asks the Biden administration – “IS THIS BORDER CRISIS INTENTIONAL?”

527 KIDS in one pod that has a maximum of 33 occupancy is outrageous! We are watching human trafficking in real time and most people have no clue as to what they are witnessing!

House representative Burgess Owens (R) from Utah said he doesn’t want to hear about reparations from the Dems again, we are seeing slavery happening right now because of Democratic border chaos. What they are doing at the border is sheer inhumane modern day slavery!

What Representative Burgess Owen has seen is appalling – among the things he witnessed was a young girl who now can not talk because of the trauma of being gang raped; a six year old autistic girl who couldn’t tell who her parents were and just couldn’t stop crying – she’s been in the pod for 17 days and still can’t stop crying. He also saw a video of a 9 year old boy left abandoned alone in the desert.

He stated, “These are children my friends, whether Mexican or American, or Guatemalan, it doesn’t matter, these are our children.” Most importantly he stated that he didn’t care if you were Democrat or Republican, we are people who love our nation, love our culture, and this has been on purpose to amass an invasion of cultures who are not ours.”

Biden faces no-win situation with the border crisis -


And that was the policy President Trump had put into place. The problems are stemming from lawlessness ranging from drug cartels, human and child trafficking, to Stolen Elections by Cartels using forced tactics and Dominion software. With the same result of confusion, much like we are experiencing now with the Biden/Harris steal. Ironically using the same voter fraud software – Dominion.

Trump slams migrant crisis; Biden administration declares 'border is closed'

Rep. McAdams (D) and Rep. Gonzalez (R) seemed to have the conclusion that the government can do nothing to deter the thousands of Central Americans trekking north to cross into the United States and what Congress can do is move beyond the finger-pointing to finding agreement on how to better manage and protect the growing numbers of people seeking asylum at the border. I guess they didn’t understand that the border crisis was created by the Biden administration welcome wagon to restart the cartel market upswing. President Trump had enacted policy with the nations involved and it was slowing the border cartel crossings and sending a message not to cross. But the Biden halted the wall and opened the borders with his rhetoric and jumped started the chaos at the border.

Rep. McAdams (D) and Rep. Gonzalez (R) saw a Coast Guard officer caring for a 10-month-old baby.

Gonzalez said, “And when we asked whose baby it was, (the officer) had no idea.”

The child arrived with a man who claimed to be its father, but a rapid DNA test showed the man was not the parent. Agents explained to the congressmen that the man brought the baby because smugglers charge less for family units and U.S. policy prioritizes families seeking asylum.

Biden faces mounting pressure over spike in arrivals at US-Mexico border

“It’s created a market to traffic kids,” said Gonzalez.

The congressmen didn’t know how the man seeking asylum got the baby or how customs officials will find where the baby’s parents are. A phone number the man provided agents didn’t connect officials to the child’s parents. The child could end up at faith-based foster care facilities that work with U.S. Customs to care for unaccompanied minors.

At a Rio Grande River crossing, a border patrol agent told the lawmakers he discovered and carried out the bodies of a mother and her two young children who had died, possibly from dehydration and exposure, after crossing the river and getting lost in the remote and rugged desert terrain. Read more here: What a visit to the border taught Utah Rep. Ben McAdams about fixing the immigration crisis – Deseret News


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