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Sidney Powell Speaks Out On The Tough Questions We’ve All Been Asking….

Sidney Powell explains the details of the case on election fraud and Dominion law suit. Once again, the courts have been found wanting and Sidney Powell is calling them out. Sidney points out that President Trump was in power and didn’t have control of his Justice Department. She states she doesn’t know why he didn’t do something about this when he was in office. Sidney says openly what many others have said, and that is President Trump won this election fair and square, and the fact that he didn’t do what he needed to do to save the Republic is something she doesn’t understand. A must watch.

So, Sidney is not in the loop of the President’s plans… if there is a plan brewing, and she is staying the course to save the election and expose the election fraud. Trying to figure out what the Trump strategy is will be a doozy. Perhaps it is exactly as it appears… not to interfere so our eyes are opened wide. If Trump had used his executive power to make the Judicial System do as he commanded, we would not have seen the corruption and we would be no better off than we are today. The only way to clean up the mess is to see it is a mess and get rid of the ones who secretely make it. Waking up the public to see there is a problem, appears to be the main goal.

What we have witnessed and are yet witnessing is how fast a new president can UNDO all the good that was done for the people in the first few days in office. We witnessed the Obama Administration get over ridden with executive orders, and now we see how fast the Trump Administration has been tossed to the side by the same actions through executive orders. Therefore, regardless of who is in office, the next president can always erase the preceding president’s actions through executive orders, it’s all built on sand. The congressional laws on the books are the glue that is more binding and are difficult to change without a majority in congress and the senate.

It appears that President Trump has given us all a lesson in how the puppet masters control the most powerful seat in the world which is the seat of the President of The United States. So, with that in mind… wait and see what takes place. The only way to end the corruption was to end the cabal. That is where the fight is and always has been.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are what we are now fighting for. Without that thread… the remnant will unravel. Thank you Sidney Powell, America is behind you all the way.


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