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Our skys got a reprieve from the constant spraying as of July 4, 2019 when Trump announced we now “own the skys”. Yet, there was still a few white stripes blowing around. But in my area the mesh screen patterns stopped.

So now, along with the Biden Truman Show, we are watching a few dumps again. Even under the Trump administration we watched as Black Hats did some big Dew, Dew in California burning trees inside out, and strategically targeting neighborhoods to what appeared to be, a clearing out of all that was in the way of their high speed rail system they wanted. Or maybe it was just a part of the Wilderness Act in their Agenda 21, more commonly known as sustainable development for the 21st Century.

Suomi NPP image of Dorian

And does anyone remember Hurricane Dorian where we watched it sit over the Bahamas and destroy China’s new military port and other projects?  China had built a port on a remote island in The Bahamas 180 miles off the U.S. coast, that aroused suspicions as to China’s potential military ambitions in the area. At the time of Dorian, the port was allegedly empty, unused, and surrounded by barbed wire. When Dorian moved away after days, it was all gone. All the while the press made fun of Trump as he held up his charts tracking it all. Then, it dispersed and came up the coast as tropical storms.

Trump Shows Altered Map of Hurricane Dorian's Path : NPR

That was a huge GEO Engineering Silent War, and most didn’t see it at all. Or maybe it was just divine intervention…I’m sure it was a combination of White Hats with God at the helm.

As we continue on in this silent war, we must always look at what they are really doing and not what they tell us they are and aren not doing. It is well known that we have all been deceived and those who asked questions have been banned, censored, and some have even been killed for calling out the truth.

Every time a group gets angry and provokes mob mentality to attack someone with a bold idea, the angry bots come out in full force in lockstep with the fake news and those conducting the deceit behind the scenes. This is a huge red flag that what they are saying is not the truth. Why on earth would anyone be threatened by ideas that are different than main stream news unless the ideas threatened an agenda being created, inflicted and pushed onto sleeping section of what the cabal deems as useless eaters.

So, open your eyes to all things and look at what they have patents on, along with international laws governing how to use such patents. For decades they denied such weapons existed and called those who questioned it conspiracy nuts wearing tin foil hats. Today they brag about its’ abilities.



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