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Fox News host Jesse Watters has finally stated what a lot of us were saying and that is that this unidentifiable reality we are in is like watching the Truman Show! Everything about 2020 was surreal, and it ended with the biggest election fraud ever revealed in the Western Truman Show World.

How 'The Truman Show' Predicted the Future

The show continued on into 2021 complete with bent reality and lousy acting and the swearing in of a fake president, moving right along to watching him sign a stack of executive orders that created border crisis and the beginnings of WWIII, which we are already in with the invisible enemy. Did I mention the preplanned Capitol seige by paid actors to blame all the fake chaos on conservatives who happen to live inside the Truman Show?

We have White Hats and Black Hats, a failed corporation, a take down of the virtual Vatican, and the Queen banned from her Castle. We have COVID VACCINES for Truman Villagers and watch as Birx and Fauci now back track and try to tell the world that all of the gaslighting we were sucking in did not take place. They now in their gravel ridden voices swear to the world the lockdowns were all Trump’s fault and lots of bla, bla, bla as they now go on fake news to fill the void with fresh gaslighting misinformation, to blame him for their extreme evil on all of humanity.

Good heavens, this is revving up and in our face while we have the real heroes off on their heroe journey outside the bubble (the part of the Truman Show we aren’t able to see until the grand finale). the world right into the worst virtual reality show was spot on when he said that the Biden “presidency” is like watching that movie “The Truman Show.”

Hang in there, remember at the end of the Truman Show, the facade ends and Truman wins!



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