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After all the lame attempts at mindwashing viewer audiences, here comes fake news puppet Don Lemon yapping away to people purposely twisting the Bible to make it about race. Good grief the left is so desperate to finish the brainwashing and get people to be fearful instead of full of faith that they are now pushing lies faster than the devil about the Holy Word of God.

It appears that since their lockdowns drew people closer to the Lord instead of into a full blown civil unrest, the evil ones are now sending their pawns out to attack the morals and values found in the Bible. They hate the fact that all the evil they’ve thrown at God fearing people has resulted in making them stronger instead of turning them into fearful, mindless peeps.

The sour Lemon is trying his best to paint the picture of God as one on the side to fight for lawlessness. Lemon has boldly twisted the scriptures into a pretzel to fit his lifestyle and to justify it. He stated on air his opinion that JESUS WAS IMPERFECT! The writing is now on the wall and he is about to have a huge surprise. Wait and see, God is not mocked and heard every word.

No one cares what Don Lemon is doing with his personal life. No one is saying anything about Lemon or his personal life that I have seen, or heard, except his own tribe of Democrats. Which leaves the obvious and that is their puppet masters are paying them to push this new agenda where Christians are racist based on their beliefs. Or some odd thing that resembles that. This will lead to banning the word of God. Re-educating Christians/Conservatives like they said they wanted to do. That’s how this stuff works.

Hold the line and don’t fall into their traps! Hold firm on God’s Word and stand strong!


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