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SIDNEY POWELL Named Top 5 Most Influential Lawyers In The World!

Conspiracy-theorist lawyer Sidney Powell spotted again at White House |  Donald Trump | The Guardian

Sidney Powell, the attorney representing We The People in the US Election Fraud Case, just received the honor of being named one of the top 5 most Influential Lawyers in the WORLD! So, that honor not only fits her well, it is a shot across the bow for the world to hear SIDNEY IS STILL REPRESENTING THE ELECTION FRAUD on BEHALF of WE THE PEOPLE!

Licensed to Lie: Powell, Sidney: 9781732767607: Books -
New York Post turns on Trump in scathing editorial telling him to give up  election challenges | Daily Mail Online

Sidney Powell is the Author of “Licensed To Lie” a book that reveals the corruption in the Judicial System. “Overzealous, ambitious, narcissistic, and dishonest…prosecutors…destroyed innocent people while they delibertely withheld evidence they knew contradicted their cases.”

From the article in LAW.COM announcing Sidney Powell among the top 5 World Lawyers:

Sidney Katherine Powell is an American attorney and former federal prosecutor, best known for her participation in attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election.

After graduating from law school in 1978, Powell began her career as an assistant United States attorney in the Western District of Texas. During her tenure she prosecuted Jimmy Chagra, who was implicated in the May 1979 assassination of United States District Judge John H. Wood Jr. She ceased working as a prosecutor in 1988 and established her own firm in 1993. She has acted in appellate matters as a prosecutor and defense counsel. She represented executives in the Enron scandal, and in 2019, defended General Michael Flynn in United States v. Flynn. Samir Abdelli : Top 5 Influential Lawyer around the world.

We The People await to see how the stolen election rights itself. Sidney Powell has said recently, “Never Mistake My Quiet for Inaction”. And those who follow her don’t. They know when she is quiet behind the scenes she is still busy pushing the boulders out of the way.

Stay Strong!

God’s Kingdom is Coming!

Keep your eyes on the Lord in great faith!


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