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All the crazy stuff that is taking place needs some thought. How will this go down in history or will this just be the end of history all together? We are in a season of awaking and finding God. There is only one thing that is true and that is the Lord is the only one to turn to in our time of trouble. Individually, each must find their way to him. There is not a one size fits all. The Lord has plans for each of us. Even those who tick us off are serving God’s purpose. We are all being tested, tried and corrected by the Lord for his purpose.

Sometimes we need to stop for a minute and just thank the Lord for what he has given to us. The blessings we have received are many and each have been given special gifts. Ask him how to discover and use the gifts you were given. Talk to him like your best friend. Build a new relationship, or deepen the one you have. He will renew your strength and lift your spirit high. Pray for discernment and watch as he shows you deep understandings of what is taking place. You will find your answers in him and through his word. For these days were prophesied to come. You were chosen for such a time as this. These are the days the prophets and apostles saw visions of and had dreams about. Dreams that angels came and interpreted for them for they did not understand them. You were chosen for this time and you are blessed to be living it. The Lord has much for each of us to do. Ask him what you need to know and have him show you how to do it. When you do this, you will see how God provides the right people and all that you need to accomplish your mission into your life. You will call it a miracle.

Imagine what would happen if we had a God and Jesus Rally like a Trump Rally? Imagine what would take place in the land if we did that? Imagine what would happen if We The People were patriots for the Kingdom of God? Can you feel the power in the air in your every fiber of being? I sure can. Let us pray for such a movement, for such a stand as one together!

Stay strong and build on faith for this war is Biblical and we are to find all of our answers inside the scriptures. God is showing us all that the things of the world are unstable and no more a sure foundation than water. No man has an answer for the things that are taking place that satisfies anyone. No one will find it in the news. The only place to find strength, and understanding is in the Word of God. Take out your Bible and ask God to show you what you need to know for today.

Listen to some good uplifting praise and worship songs and talk to the Lord. He will hear you and bring you the peace you seek. Amen.

Stay strong.


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