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For all who are having a difficult time trying to figure out what is meant by those who are saying “The Military is not on board”, or saying “The military is (25%?) not on board with Trump.” and asking about how many are on board with Trump and what does this mean? For those who are not in the military, and no inside sources, what we have to go by when understanding the dilemma with the military is what we have watched.

Over the last five years I have watched quite a lot of things that show the cabal has a lot of inside players positioned. Since 911 there has been lots of proof of inside infiltration. That false flag event could never have been pulled off and kept shut up without a lot of infiltration. Those who know history know that inside infiltration is not new and it has occurred throughout this nations life time. We now know the inside hit on Abraham Lincoln, the CIA involvement with the Kennedy assassination and have all heard of the many assassin attempts to take out President Trump. (I lost count of how many there were.) History shows the cabal workings internally and now we know even more bad things took place than ever imagined.

We all watched Fast and Furious, Arab Spring, Benghazi, etc. We watched the Clinton Foundation deals from Haiti, to Solar Panels and Uranium One Scandals. We watched the CIA Opium Labs in Afghanistan get destroyed (Bush’s Opium Drug Running) under President Trump. We all watched as the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. boggled investigations, and we all watched the Mueller Report, and the Steele Dossier scandal. We watched as President Trump exposed how North Korea was a paper tiger, owned by the Cabal to threaten world wars and was under the thumb of China. We watched as Saudi Arabia joined forces with President Trump to fight the cabal and the attempt on the Prince’s life in Las Vegas. We watched the King of Saudi come through with his end of the bargain arresting the princes and seizing over two trillion dollars in these royals assetts. Which was a big slam on the cabal.

We watched as Pelosi and Pencil Neck held their kangaroo court style investigations and saw the parade of liars they called to testify, most all guilty in the toppling of Ukraine of which Biden, Obama, McCain, and Graham were involved in. We watched Nadler and Pencil Neck bring out ridiculous liar reports of their whistle blowers and withholding their names that later came out and ended up being paid puppets of the cabal.

From left, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Defense James Mattis  and national security adviser John Bolton attend a meeting at the White  House, May 17, 2018. | The World from PRX

We watched as President Trump batted at these puppets like flies knocking them here and there while he took down strongholds. We also watched as Trump got the goods on many of them and then fired them. They had no clue they were being played and caught, especially the likes of Bolton, and Mattis. We watched as he hired bad people and later got the goods on them and canned them too.

Syrian refugees: Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger ask Congress to back  off refugee legislation - POLITICO

We also watched as he made a serious changing of the guard (to the cabals surprise and unliking) when he ousted Kissinger and Albright from the military advisory panel and replaced Esper with Miller at the head of the Department of Defense and then went in without telling the FBI or the CIA and got the Dominion server in Germany. Gina Haspel went bye bye. There are many more things, but that should be enough so that it comes as no surprise that the military was and has been infiltrated. When President Trump took over, he inherited a highly infiltrated government padded by their best puppets – Obama /Jarrett, who they always thought Hillary would win and then go full force into one world government from that point on. The ground work for the global civilian army was formed via Obama and tested in real time at Baltimore and Ferguson funded by Soros foundations.

Trump 'plans to fire the heads of FBI, CIA and Pentagon if he wins  re-election' | Daily Mail Online
Two down, one to go.

However, a lot of those puppets have been taken out of their positions and Trump had been dismantling both foreign and domestic strongholds at the same time. We all watched as he did it. Some called him the Maestro as his moves were beautifully orchestrated.

So, whatever is remaining inside the military and other alphabet agencies who are still at large… I know there are a lot less of them now than there was when President Trump took office. General Flynn never had a chance to get involved with the Trump administration because he knew too much and he would be honest with the new Commander in Chief. He was pulled through the miry swamp clay and his attorney Sidney Powell fought to defend him for he was set up. We now all know that as truth.

Is the military still infiltrated? YES. Will they overpower the white hats (good guys)? NO. Are there other nations who are against us? YES. Are there other nations who are for us? YES. Are there other nations who have also been infiltrated? YES. Is this a war? YES. Do we know exactly what is going on? NO. If not for those piecing together we would have nothing to hope for. All we would have is a terrible propaganda media telling lies and no place to find any truth at all. So, cut those hunting for truth some slack and know they are all trying just like you to find what is really taking place.

Gothic Storm - Good vs. Evil - YouTube

We are watching many battles taking place and many weapons being played. COVID is one of the weapons. WHO is run by the Cabal as is the entire United Nations. This is a world war and it isn’t going the way Albert Pike planned because the Cabal was losing and went full throttle prematurely. They are all losing. The more we the people learn, share and talk about…the more they lose. Therefore they censor, censor, and try to shut us up. There have been many killed by the Cabal to shut them up.

There are hundreds and thousands of people dying who are fighting to tell the truth in this war. We aren’t hearing much of these people at all. Thousands have lost their jobs, their reputations, to bring others the truth. We have reached a point in this battle where there is no more room to allow trolls to entertain our truth forums. It is time to send them back to their Twitter and FB pages – back to YouTube where they can do their thing all day long. It is time to clean house and not allow these trolls on good sites who are seeking truth. You know them because they come out screaming hate and condemnation to all. There are those who are disgusted at the battle and that is normal. There are differences of opinion and that is good. What is not good are those who can’t disagree without defaming others and throwing punches below the belt while they put words in the other persons mouth that were never said, nor thought. These are enemies and not people looking for answers or news. These are looking for things to destroy like ANTIFA looking for easy targets to punch out and then run. These are wicked lost souls and there is no time to be concerned with any of these at this time. So, that being said…let us learn together, ask questions…vet for the truth for there is a lot of misrepresentations taking place. However, many are innocent and many are from misunderstanding what is taking place or what was said.

Why 7 Times 70? - Fusion with Rabbi Jason Sobel

So the best is yet to come, but there is a lot of miry swamp yet to cross over. There are good guys and bad guys in every municipality, state, and national organization political and corporate and the church. So…it is as the Lord said, the wheat shall grow with the tares until the harvest. If you pull the tares before you also yank up some wheat with it. That is where we are. A lot of wheat have bad days and say things that sound bad because they are frustrated and want to do something about the mess. They are NOT TARES. A tare is definitely more obvious than a flower that has been scorched in the sun. We must remember patience and give each room to vent. There are days we all need to vent for we are human. God is always there to lift us up when we sincerely ask for help. Amen.

Jesus Forgives Sins and Heals a Man Stricken with Palsy - Jesus Forgives  Sins and Heals a Man Stricken with Palsy

So stay strong and know…this was prophecied to come to pass and it was also prophecied that the meek shall inherit the earth and this would come by a stone uncut with human hands hitting the feet and the toes of miry clay and iron and the entire beastly statue of empires would fall and that stone would crush it into pieces and put in its’ place God’s Kingdom that has no end! The Lord of Lords and King of Kings has got this and as it is written…

Isaiah 26:20

“Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.”

Keep building up in faith!


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