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Ep. 2425b – Deep State Sends Multiple Messages – Stage is Set, Fear Not! All Will Work Together For Good!

Keep your eyes wide opened and don’t let the negativity of others pull you down. The change has to happen from the bottom up. Trump learned this from doing it from the top down and finding those at the bottm quite comfortable and happy. And when pushed to the max, he watched them wear their masks, social distance and closing their businesses and allowing treasonous governors and mayors to get away with stripping them of the constitutional rights. I’m sure even Trump would not have expected citizens to be so compliant.


While we yelled “woe to us, woe”, there were a few who picked up their Bill of Rights and took to the Governors and Mayors with legal action SUEING THEM IN COURT AND THEY WON! We cheered for those who were fighting and sent money to “go fund me accounts” to help their cause. Yet, we also watched businesses in our own cities and towns close for good and not a peep was said publicly about it. Most all closed alone and were silently filed into a stat file log keeping score as to how many have closed and are never expected to reopen. We also watched terrorist groups posing as protestors burning, destroying, beating people and even killing some. They even burned a Police Precinct to the ground because Mayors and Governors followed their “lockstep” RESET plans to have it so. Through all of this… people continued to wear their masks and 6 foot distance while the elderly died by lack of care and other disastrous ideas from Governors. All the while, no one was changing…just unhappy it wasn’t getting fixed by Trump. Not to mention the abuse our police officers took and are still taking. All because of satanic cabal puppet masters who desire to rule the world and eliminate humanity.

Trump told us all at the very beginning that he could not make states close down because of the constitution so, he left it up to each state to decide what to do, he could not mandate it. President Trump only asked for a two week closure with compensation to those who closed. It was a request not a mandate. AND BOOM!!! The left turned their states into a combination of the 3rd Reich and Escape From New York, with a bit of Mad Max Thunder Dome!

Despite Outbreak, South Dakota Governor Hesitant To Issue Stay-At-Home  Order | WBFO

Meanwhile, there was one governor who assessed the situation and chose to make a decision based on her region and not follow the rest of the states off the cliff. The Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem refused to shut down her state and said…we are staying open. Therein lied the example for the rest of the nation, but, sadly, it went by with little attention.

Coronavirus: Nancy Pelosi criticises Deborah Birx - BBC News

All eyes were on the biggest fakes of the century which were Fauci, Birx, WHO, and Gates. Did I say fakes? It is more like the biggest abusers of human rights and perpetrators of crimes against humanity!

This sick game is over. We who had eyes to see found “Lockstep” right off the bat, so you know Trump had to know all about it, and moreso than we knew. Of course he did, for he had been working at taking down the cabal from day one. That is why he ran for president and why he is still fighting so hard to restore. If you think he is sitting back in Mar-a-lago planning something for 2024…..think again. His heels are dug into draining the swamp and it is whirling fast.

Hold the line, keep the faith and it’s time for all to stand up and take off our masks. Gather together and go to our schools and demand what we want in our schools. Go to our city councils and recall some very bad board members and Mayors, and do the same with the state congress, senate and Governors. This we can all legally do and we should have been doing it at the two week shut down. Exercising our constitutional rights starting with the servants we elected in our own back yards.

It is time to turn this show into a rerun of Erin Brockovich!


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