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I want to share a chapter from a book I wrote in 2009. It sounds like I just wrote it based off the events taking place today. Just so you know…names have been altered, but this was written regarding a doomsday situatuon, Governor Esther in Alaska, in the book is Governor Esther. Hilderberg Group, is of course Bilderberg. The ex-president is Obama, and the new acting president Gordon is Biden. Kolinsky is Pelosi. Gabriel is one of God’s Arch Angels and the Dragon is the devil in the spiritual warfare dimension we cannot see. The scenero the book is based on is one where all areas of government are infiltrated with both Black Hats and White Hats. At the time, this was a discenment of how the end could play out. I chose the existing administration, for at the time, the current events that I was observing sure looked like this was the end game. It just hadn’t played itself out all the way yet. The book is no longer in print, as the publisher went out of business. I may be reprinting it. Remember Ft. Greely in Alaska is one of the nations first line of defense for incoming missiles. Please enjoy the chapter.


Manifesting the Wrath: Dianne Marshall: 9781616633554: Books

The C.I.A. agent who was assigned to take over Dr. Young’s espio- nage spy unit at Ft. Greely had found the information was coming through faster than he could keep up with it. He worried that his delays in answering their questions might blow Ft. Greely’s cover. He had just confirmed to prepare for the ex-president’s arrival and accepted the assignment to X-out both him and the new president. They knew about the V.P.’s secret swearing-in ceremony before it was announced. These intels made him wonder if they also knew Dr. Young had been replaced. Was someone at Ft. Greely a spy? He notified the lt. colonel to meet with him for briefing on the latest and most alarming intel.

Meanwhile, a very angry Dragon had landed and was snooping around the command post. Now where’s the lt. colonel going? he thought as he followed.

The lt. colonel entered Young’s espionage spy unit, and the C.I.A. agent wasted no time getting to the point.

“A warhead is scheduled to hit D.C. in one hour. When it’s launched, it will only take thirty-three minutes to hit its target. They don’t care about the government buildings; they just want to officially launch World War III. The Pentagon didn’t intercept the last missile; we need to intercept this one.”

“We were alerted,” answered the lt. colonel. “Kennedy is scheduled to intercept. But we went over their heads, and the new com mander in chief gave us orders to take that snake out of the sky. If Kennedy comes through, it’ll just be a little more fireworks. Don’t worry; we’re ready.

Let me update you on the report from the strike on Great Britain. Thanks to the governor, they were able to save a lot of lives. They agreed with her hunch that Big Ben would be a target and evacuated that area first; sure enough, that’s where it hit. Thank God it wasn’t a nuke. So far they’ve reported thirty dead and one hundred forty-eight wounded. The Palace of Westminster is pretty much gone, as well as Big Ben, but Buckingham may be salvageable. No real reports yet to the actual damage or casualties; this is just the first brief. It would have been cataclysmic without that fifty-six-minute warning, and the fact they’ve had massive evacuation plans in place for years. They cleared out thousands of people in a very short length of time. God was watching over them; that’s for sure. What else do you have?”

“They want me, Dr. Young, to get rid of both the ex-president and the new president. They know the ex-president was rescued and is headed here. They have plans to make a counterstrike and need the detonator box. If I don’t get it fast, then they said they would send a real man to get the job done, and I would be out of business. That means taken out, I’m sure. And one more thing … I think we have a spy here at Ft. Greely. They know too much about things that I haven’t reported.”

“I think I know who it is. I’ve had my suspicions, but now I’m almost positive,” stated the lt. colonel.

The C.I.A. agent looked solemnly at the lt. colonel and said, “This Dr. Young cover is about to die, you know. Unless we get rid of the Hilderberg director or think up something really good to get them off my back.”

“The governor is almost back. I’m sure with her input we will figure out the best course of action. Meanwhile, just stall.”

The Dragon scoffed at the two of them and said, “Look at that pathetic wisdom. They ain’t got no ideas. Ahh too bad. I got a bunch of ’em.”

At that moment, an alert came through the espionage lab unit. The agent read the words off the monitor aloud as they came across. “Extra passenger on incoming flight may pose problem. Give him same hospitality as new president and old president.”

The C.I.A. agent turned and said to the lt. colonel, “If they want this passenger out of the way, he may be a Godsend. I definitely want to meet this guy.”

“I’ll call for you as soon as they land,” said the lt. colonel as he left.

The Dragon whispered to the C.I.A. agent, “Aren’t you getting scared? You know they know you aren’t Dr. Young. What about your wife and kids? Maybe you can cut a deal with these guys to let you off the hook. They want to kill you. Maybe you should just carry out their orders. Who would blame you? Who would even know? You’re the only one in charge of this little unit here.”

The C.I.A. agent took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Coffee, he thought. I need a cup of coffee. He got up and poured himself a cup of stale coffee from a glass decanter made earlier in the day. He took a swig then spit it out. “Yuck, that’s rotten!” He no sooner tossed the black, tar-looking fluid into the trash when his intercom light went on. He walked over, pushed the button, and said, “Yes?” “Sir, the lt. colonel said to tell you the governor and her load are landing now.”

“Tell him I’m on my way.” He grabbed a private file and headed out the door. The Dragon followed.

As the helicopter landed, the ex-president was arguing about being handcuffed. He thought it was totally absurd to take this action. “You had better take these off right now or there will be hell to pay!”

“You don’t seem to get it; you are under arrest,” said the head of the emergency task force. “You are facing charges for numerous counts of treason and inappropriate military actions by the Military Justice Department. You have been indicted.”

“Where’s Samuel? I want the White House lawyer! You have no authority to do this! Governor! Tell them to release me!”

The first lady pleaded, “Please, Governor, for me and the boys.”

The governor, who had been ignoring the whole scene and was un-boarding, stopped, turned, and said, “My hands are tied.”

Gabriel, who had been watching over the governor for Michael, looked at her and smiled.

They immediately herded the president off to a military detention area and escorted the first lady to see her boys. The professor followed along with the governor. He asked, “Aren’t you the least bit curious about what they’ve been seriously chatting about this entire trip? I would have thought you would have been giving them the third degree instead of me.”

“The governor answered as she headed toward the command post, “I don’t need to eavesdrop when I have this.” She raised her hand and held up a small wireless bug. “This can pick up any voice within a fifty-foot range and shield out every sound coming from areas that haven’t been clicked on to signal a voice pick up. It can pick up the sound of a moth in flight so clearly that it sounds like a chopper. I have everything recorded right here.”

“Impressive, very impressive.”

They no sooner entered the command post and the lt. colonel was asking questions to the unexpected passenger. “So, you are Pro fessor Handcock that the governor told us was coming. Just refer to me as Lt. Colonel. Who do you work for and what is your purpose here?”

“Well, I am an archaeoastronomer. Are you familiar with—” “Professor, just fast forward and answer the questions; we don’t have a lot of time here,” said the governor.

“I work for a government top-secret project that is trying to figure out the truth behind ancient manuscripts, prophecy, and myth as they relate to science and the unexplained twenty-first century scientific phenomena that only seem to have answers in ancient medieval and biblical manuscripts and artifacts, specifically planet X. This project is a threat to the Hilderberg Illuminati’s schemes. They are after the detonator, and I was sent to find it before they did. I am with the governor because my orders were to find the detonator and not let it out of my sight when I did. I request your permission to stay here, first for my safety; second to continue my project, only in another direction. Now to investigate the land of the north at the pole’s portal under the guise of studying the northern lights.”

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“Now I’m impressed,” stated the governor, “You covered in two minutes what it took me hours to find out. But why is the pole’s portal your next project?”

“Governor, Lt. Colonel, can we speak privately?” “Yes. Please excuse us.”

At that moment, in came the C.I.A. agent. “Is this the passenger?” he said as he extended his hand to shake. “Mark Ajax, C.I.A. I need to talk to you, please.”

The lt. colonel took the lead. “Gentlemen,  Governor,  shall we …” He extended his hand in a gesture to guide the way.

“By all means,” smiled the professor.

They all followed the lt. colonel into his office, along with the Dragon.

The professor spoke first. “I am not known for short discussions, and I can wander off track. Perhaps that is the philosopher in me. If I stray from the subject or ramble on when you have the point, please feel free, as the governor has felt, to interrupt and ask me to be more direct.”

At that they all shook their heads in agreement. Even the Dragon.

The professor continued, “A part of the underground Illuminati, commonly known as the Hilderberg Group, is in the process of taking over all global finance and commerce. They have already succeeded in bankrupting the United States, Great Britain, France, Holland, Japan … let’s just face it, all major trading markets have been crippled along with China. This has been a carefully planned Illuminati scheme, starting in the mid 1700s. Amchel Rothchild set up the first central bank in Germany and then sent his sons out to set up central banks in all other countries. Eventually even the United States federal government.”

“I whispered for him to do that!” boasted the Dragon.

“All the central banks on the face of the earth are owned by the super rich international bankers of the Illuminati. Amchel figured out long ago how to get a government to pay up should it default on its loans to his bank. His solution was to use the interest made on money loaned through his central bank too build up an enemy country or countries, which he could then use to repossess the defaulting country. This is exactly what happened to Germany in World War II. The allies were pawns in the hands of the Illumi nati international bankers in repossessing Hitler’s Germany. How? Because before the war, and just shortly after he was elected chancellor of Germany, Hitler nationalized their central bank; just as Rothschild had planned.

“Well, the Illuminati have been influencing the United States government for as long as they’ve been around. The founding fathers fought hard to put checks and balances in place to protect the newly formed government from falling into the same strangle holds of the European Illuminati central banks. That’s why a few years ago, when the trillion dollar spending sprees were going crazy, the conservatives went on an all out ‘Founding Father Crusade,’ quoting things like standing armies are less dangerous than central banks, etc. That didn’t stop it, though. It had already steamrolled out of control, and no one was admitting it was the fault of central banks. The Illuminati were publicly viewed as nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

“Our dear president marched right in under the direction of the Hilderberg Group and tied the loose ends that were yet dangling to achieve the final blow to government takeover. He finished what they started in 1913 with the new Federal Reserve Act, and the first income tax to pay the interest on money borrowed by our government. They set up a gigantic Ponzi scheme. And here’s how it worked.

“No money is put into circulation until someone borrows from the Federal Reserve. The reserve dollars are notes—a debt instru ment. But no money is ever put into circulation to pay the interest on that debt. So as debt is paid off; that money goes out of circulation. And since no money is created to pay the interest, a certain number of people and businesses go bankrupt yearly to pay the interest. So then the bankers get hard goods for worthless paper that never had a darn thing to back it to begin with. Thus the Illuminati Hilderberg owners of the Federal Reserve have slowly over the last thirty years and very rapidly over the last few come into the proud ownership of most all of America. And the rest of the world to boot.

“Now, the Illuminati Hilderbergs are wanting the keys to everything else while moving a few things around! Like the entire global government systems and world religion, while introducing the new rules for an orderly global empire.

“Would some of these new rules be no drilling in Anwar and the global warming mandates? And if they have basically taken over the entire world, why does that even matter to them now?” asked the governor.

“It doesn’t. The entire global warming scientific myth was to force more bankruptcies by enforcing ridiculous green government tax mandates on energy suppliers and industries. Which would turn corporate and small business operating capital into taxes that trickle down from the top, just as the president said on his campaign trail.”

The Governor added, “And when it did trickle down, the extra money a family had to live on seemed to just trickle right back up to the top right into big governments hand. All for the tax increases that they were never supposed to figure out. Oh, that just burns me up when I see how good people who work so hard and already have so little have just plain gone without so some ego-stricken central bankers can win their global game of monopoly! Are they that bored?”

Manifesting the Wrath: Dianne Marshall: 9781616633554: Books

“Sadly, Governor, yes, they are. The government has long been infiltrated with the Illuminati who have deep secrets from ancient times and their own potpourri of manuscripts, symbols, and signs. They have been watching the rapid rate of the polar ice caps melting and feared the public would start to become aware of this area. Anwar is so close to the sightings of the U.F.Os that actually do exist, that come out from a very well kept top-secret opening at the north pole. This opening leads to an underworld. One that has a very strange civilization. With the northern foggy midst becoming less dense, the tropical landlines can be visibly seen from many parts of Alaska. Even though they are in Russian no fly zones. This planet has another world within itself.”

The Lt. colonel added, “We’ve been aware of that for a long time up here. It’s no secret to the native Alaskans. Our military obligation is to watch that fly zone and not let anyone venture out there. We have preset dialogs for any pilot that ventures off in that direction and G.P.S. coordinate scramblers for any sea vessel that is entering. Our military has had to assist many wandering planes back to airports. The Department of Defense has also found Anwar a nice isolated area to perform their H.A.A.R.P. experiments. Tests that involve weather manipulation, tectonic plate movement, missile defense shields, holograms, you name it they’ve tried it. They don’t want anyone messing around in Anwar.”

“Dang, they know way too much,” sighed the Dragon. “I thought my boys had this under control. I’d better call out my poltergeist demons to do some more hauntings up there, and especially to those troublesome Eskimos in the north bush region.”

C.I.A. Agent Ajax chimed in, “Not to change the subject but, Governor, with all the intel from the Hilderberg director and the new incoming hit list of which the professor here has been added to that list, is it time to just cut the communication line loose? Let them think Dr. Young is busted? The intel is getting really hard to answer with no compliance from this end. Or do we play along till the last minute?”

“I’d say at this point we play along to the last minute. It would be good to lure them up to our stomping grounds; they know nothing about this place. And that little G.P.S. scrambling device could come in real handy to steer a couple of Hilderberg thugs in the wrong direction. Out here it’s life or death. There are no gas stations to pull into so you can ask for directions. Yep. I say come on up north, boys; welcome to the great state of Alaska! What do you say, Lt. Colonel?”

“Governor, you are brilliant!” exclaimed the lt. colonel. “Ajax, let me show you some of our toys we have over at the command post. I think the governor’s right; it’s time for Dr. Young to get a little help up here!”

Ajax added, “Damn bankers! I hate how they give me no interest and take all my extra money. I never knew it worked that way. Damn them anyhow! Show me your toys, Lt. Colonel!”

Ajax started to leave with the lt. colonel and then suddenly realized he was still holding his file. “Oh, one more thing. I have some information to show you. Sorry, Professor, but would you mind waiting outside for a minute? This is confidential,” said Ajax.

The professor nodded and stepped outside the door, closing it tightly behind him.

“We have a spy with us here at Ft. Greely. I spoke to the lt. colonel about it, and I wanted to show you some things, governor, and get your input,” said Ajax as he opened his file and started placing papers on the conference table. “I had my suspicions, but I think these confirm them. What do you think?”

The governor didn’t really look surprised; she was more curious than anything. She looked up as she was retrieving the “wire bug” and said, “Shall we all listen to this together?”

“Let’s all do just that,” answered Ajax, as he went to the other side of the room and got a special translating device and brought it over to the governor. She inserted her chip, and they listened.

The first voice they heard belonged to the ex-president. “What do they know?” he asked.

The next voice was the first lady. “They know a lot. I’ve been trying to work Esther for information. She talks a lot, but I can’t get her to open up about anything the director wants to know.”

“I knew she’d be a problem. I knew it the first time I heard her talk. We shouldn’t have underestimated her like we did. Is Young still at Ft. Greely?”

“Yes, but I haven’t seen him; they keep me doing other things. And it’s not like I can just come out and say, oh, excuse me, can I see Dr. Young? Hello?”

“Did they buy your story? Any holes in it?”

“The governor had tears in her eyes. She’s praying for me. Holes? Only the ones between her stupid King of Glory ideas. I don’t know how much more of her rah, rah, servant of the people crap I can take before I just forget and say shut the heck up!”

The sound of the ex-president snickering is heard. “And the boys … how are they doing?”

“They are fine, but you botched that one up royally. What’s with that? “

“The GPS coordinates wouldn’t work on the ground, they were scrambled. We got lost in the mess. I had my dang chip taken out so I wouldn’t be spotted when I got the boys. I didn’t think they’d leave them outside if I didn’t show up. They needed them to get their box. And if they did leave the boys, I knew someone would find them; they had the chip?”

“What were you thinking? Nobody was looking for them. No body knew. If anything had happened to them, I’d have … You’re just lucky nothing happened to them, do you hear me!”

“Hey, I was almost killed. The Secret Service guys with me all were burned in that hell fire. Cut some slack here. The governor said my people want me dead. Is that true?”

“I never heard that. I heard that I was supposed to get on the ship and act like I survived, and they would send someone up to get me and you and the boys. But when I got here, all that was here was the boys. They told me how they found them by accident, and Dr. Young had taken good care of them. And you were missing. Then the stupid Kolinsky tried to get sworn in as president, and they arrested her. Why, I still don’t know the details, but on some type of conspiracy charges. I told you I didn’t trust the director. He is meaner than a skunk.”

“What’s this crap about Gordon as acting president? He can’t run the country; the Hilderbergs won’t have that one at all.”

“They’ve all panicked and gone crazy. I think it’s the cold air. This place gives me the creeps; when are we going back to the West Virginia bunkers?”

“I think as soon as Samuel and Blackstone hear about this, heads will roll. I need to call Samuel right away.”

“You have the right to a phone call. I can’t believe they aren’t letting you call anybody. Benson did tell me that they would have all the important materials cleared out of the Capitol fast. They would wait for the signal to ship the stuff out to the new universal capital in Israel as soon as they got it finalized. He didn’t seem to think it was going to take long. That was four days ago, so it may be getting close to being finalized.”

“Will you forgive me once you are the first lady of the New Universal Order?”

“Of course; as long as I get to have date night whenever I want, and wherever I want.”

“When we land, I’m gonna find Gordon and tell him he’s back to V.P. and he better do as I say or else.”

“All you have to do is smile and let the world know you heroically saved America from the worst disaster that could have hap pened and the world needs to put away their missiles forever and we will all live in one big age of peace. Now isn’t that what my big man’s gonna do?”

“Why yes. But for now, I’m gonna try and close my eyes and get a few winks. I’ve got to think this through. Don’t worry; I see the signs of abduction all over the place. I just don’t know how to get around the double crossers who kidnapped my own boys to try and think they could get the detonator device that way. I hope the director has found them by now and given them a just compensation!”

“I’m sure he has by now. He is good at what he does.”

The governor turned off the chip and spoke, “There’s a lot more, but I’ll let you go through the rest Ajax. The thing is, the ex-president has no clue that the guys that kidnapped his boys were working for the same director that he thinks is gonna help him. Crazy how there’s no honor among thieves, isn’t it, Lt. Colonel?”

“I wonder what the first lady would be saying if she knew her boys were on the hit list for Dr. Young,” said the Lt. Colonel as he looked over the intelligence briefings.

“Or worse,” said the governor. “If the ex-Mr. President knew that his wife was working for the director to help get rid of him.   I can’t believe how foolish these people’s minds think. If I could I would just sit these court jesters down and show them everything. Let them all see how their dear friend Dr. Young was going to kill them through direct orders of their good buddies the Hilderbergs, and how his great confidant the director was arranging all of this to be done fast or else! Oh, how they would have already been dead with tragic headlines, and the world would be in mourning if we had not stepped in.”

“Governor, you just had another brilliant idea!”

“I believe I know just what Ajax is talking about,” said the lt. colonel. “A little truth shock therapy. At this point, why not just hit him right upside his hallowed head? With a big file!”

The governor smiled. “Guys, why not? Maybe, just maybe, but I wouldn’t count on it; he might rat on them to us. But if he doesn’t, we have that nifty little wire over there.” “Arghhh!” growled the Dragon. “Where’s that Pastor Parks?”

So, it appears this is really how it works behind the scenes after all. Lots is happening…we just can’t see anything but the stuff in the streets. Smile. Know the war is huge and stakes are higher than you know. Hold the line, stay strong – prayer is the most powerful weapon!


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