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While the Senate holds their hearings to decide what happened on January 6th, 2021 at the Capitol, and the left give their snarky opinions in a pathetic maneuver to skew the truth, we have Resigned Capitol Police Chief, Steven Sund on the hot seat, holding his own. Will the truth prevail or will the Dems successfully skew this part of the circus act to protect Pelosi, McConnell, Schumer, and all who knew ahead of time and helped to arrange this invasion to blame on Trump supporters? The election was stolen through voter fraud committed by Dominion servers, double ballot counting, dead people voting, and a host of other cheating tricks. Which brings me to the final will enjoying the show and eating popcorn help the outcome?

Here is the live YouTube of the show taking place in the Senate. We are all supposed to be watching this baloney…we are supposed to be glued to this. So, because this is where we are supposed to be, and what we are supposed to be watching, I think it’s a good time to see what the other hand is doing. For those who want to follow their carrots…here is the feed. Hopefully former Capitol Police Chief Sund will be heard and his truth not tarnished.

There are things you won’t be hearing in the senate, and you all know the military knows and so do those who hired these radicals to do their bidding. Some of the ones who orchestrate their funding are sitting in the capitol hearing, trying to blame this on honest people who are not happy with having the election STOLEN.

And now to all of those who are sick and tired of hearing “enjoy the show” in one breath, and “wake up” in the second, and “do something to help be heard” in the third…only to be followed by a round of “grab another bowl of popcorn and enjoy the next part of the show”…then circle back to more accusations, blaming those still sleeping with statements like, “as long as you do nothing this will continue”…and those who are awake are told to do something, and do nothing at the same time but be awake and have a conversation, only to be condemned for doing nothing but having a conversation……


The Lord said to Peter, “Feed my sheep”, three times. The Lord sent out shepherds to care over his flock. WHERE ARE THE SHEPHERDS? Not everyone is able to understand this strange thing. That does not mean they are not deserving of liberty and freedom and I am sick and tired of hearing those who say things that divide those who are confused with those who know as if there are two different “We The People” camps. Either we get popcorn and watch the show….or we get out there and fight for freedom? Which one is it?

The Lord Flocks us Together, Shepherds us, and Commissions us to Shepherd  Others - A God-man in Christ

And those who are trusting the plan….what is the plan? I’ve been a truth searcher for decades, way before this new crap of trusting the plan….and I have been aware of the plan to depopulate, poison, steal, kill and destroy for quite a number of years. I have seen the history of the plan to destroy from within…and all of a sudden people pop up as though all were sleeping and they are the only ones awake and now must wake EVERYONE ELSE UP, and at the same time tell them to ENJOY THE SHOW…TRUST THE PLAN…which is a mixed message. Are we to watch or are we to do something? We are told to have conversations…and others are ready to defend…some say doing nothing plays into the hands of the enemy. So….which is it.

Wherever I go God is with me - CHRISTIAN PICTURES

Many who have directed their words of wisdom to awake have been very condescending to the average American. This has been a total turn off. Some have went so far as to blame innocent Americans that this entire fiasco will continue as long as they remain asleep. Others pompously smirk and smile at how much they are in the know, and offer to hold the hands of those who after all the crap hits the fan will be shocked, as though somehow these people will need them to stroke their heads after the truth is known.

To them, I say this…most are already shocked and see the crap has hit the fan…and the last thing they will want is for the smart arses to dare and offer a hand of help when their so called truth is known. Why? These have successfully built a fence between the masses. You can’t treat honest people who obey the laws like new recruits in boot camp! Especially the boot camp built on concepts of their own private sources and opinions that they themselves admit, disinformation is needed. Therefore, cut the crap…it is either WWG1 WGA or it isn’t.

Matthew 18:20 Inspirational Image

God is the judge of peoples hearts, not man. For those who have a list of algorithms that tell who is behaving this way and that and based on that, can determine what this or that outcome shall be, they have all left God out of the equation. God can’t be seen on their algorithms nor measured by such. So my message for ALL THE PEOPLE is this – prayer and doing what God directs you to do is the answer. I have said from the beginning the scripture says:

Isaiah 26:20 20Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

Joy in the Body of Christ | Words, Nevertheless
Together we all who believe in the Lord, make up the body of Christ.

It doesn’t say to have finger pointing conversations for it appears we are all in this together, along with the entire world! God decides who gets to do what. So pray and pray for all that each find true peace and that each have the strength and courage to do what they are called to do. For we all have different gifts, and different callings. We are not all digital soldiers, and not all warriors in the military, and not all pastors over sheep, and not all nurses, doctors, lawyers, sheet metal workers, bus drivers, are you getting the picture? We all have different skills, backgrounds and we all have different gifts to bring to the table. Right now that table is dirty and full of filthy dishes. Some are so corroded they cannot be cleaned. Some will have to be tossed in the trash. But right now…that same table is full of rats eating the rotten leftovers…so, until the rats are removed…there is no resetting the table with fine linen and silver goblets. That being said, love one another and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Amen.


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