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With Biden in the dark and having taken office with no vaccines available…yawn…it appears he needs to find Fauci. Fauci always knows what to say to the masses to keep them fearful. Biden seems to just get a yawn, and if lucky a laugh.

Fauci just doesn’t look the same with his presentations. This one is from two weeks ago. He looks like he just attended the Biden Inauguration. Does he sound different to you or is it just me?

This presentation is from one week ago. Again, he looks like he just attended a Biden Inaugural Event. Not as smirky as usual. Look at this closely. To me it sure looks like one of those computer generated images. Watch his mouth and words. Listen closely. Compare these newer videos to the Fauci ones under Trump administration.
Yea…now that’s the gravel toned voice I’m used to hearing. Can anyone else HEAR THE DIFFERENCE? Can you see the difference? Are you beginning to catch on now? If you can’t see it, can you at least hear it?
To be fair, here is another video. Do you hear his groveled throat speech? I sure do and it is missing in the videos coming out now. So, the question is, where is the real Fauci? Also check his ears and features close.

Meanwhile, Lyndsay Graham, is going on a “Peace Mission” to Mar-a-lago, or so he will attempt to do so. What are his post Trump numbers? I’m not sure, but I bet they are as low as McConnells.

Forgive me for this one…but, I just had to post it….

Stay strong!


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