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Biden G-7 Makes Headlines – And Many Shout We Are All Doomed…But Are We?

Let’s all take a walk through what the G-7 Meeting was about before everyone goes down sad face lane. It’s all Virtual…

The Group of Seven is an intergovernmental organization consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. The heads of government of the member states, as well as the representatives of the European Union, meet at the annual G7 Summit.

Take note that Russia is not a part of the G7. Note also that neither is China. Note also the interest of states helping to remove CCP and the steps taken to support the Republic of China.

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Note that Japan had been working with Pompeo.  Secretary Pompeo and Foreign Minister Suga reaffirmed the strength of the U.S.-Japan Alliance, based on shared values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, common strategic interests, and an enduring friendship. The Secretary and the Foreign Minister also discussed the fraudulent elections in Venezuela and reaffirmed the value of the Quad’s collective efforts to advance a free, open, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region. But that may all change with the new Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, and then again it may just strengthen. He is widely described as a shrewd, detail-oriented and formidable backroom operator. Read more here: Japan’s Suga makes in-person diplomatic debut with Pompeo talks – Nikkei Asia

Take note that in 2017, Saudi King Salman, and Saudi Prince Salman raised swords together with Trump and USA on issues concerning Cyber warfare.

Take note of the nations in league with USA under Pompeo negotiations for partnership in peace.


The USA up to January 20, 2-21 and was/is working with many nations who are not in league with what is taking place in the minds of the globalists. There are still military White Hats.

Trust that all is about to break loose as the world comes together against the giants.

Remember, the Vatican vaults have been emptied and their underground tunnels have been exposed. What you are watching now is a hard attempt to gaslight you and instill fear and panic. But, maybe that is needed more than reassurance to the blind…the blind wanted all this…maybe they will now wake up?

So let’s see what happened at this years G-7.


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The Press Release  from  GOV.UK  Reads as follows:

Readout of G7 leaders’ virtual meeting: 19 February 2021

The leaders of the G7 met virtually this afternoon. Published 19 February 2021

From: Prime Minister’s Office, 10 Downing Street and The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

The Prime Minister chaired a virtual meeting of G7 Leaders this afternoon.

All leaders agreed on the opportunity 2021 presents for the G7 to take a united approach to shared challenges as we build back better from the coronavirus pandemic.

They agreed on the need to ensure coronavirus vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics reach those that need them, wherever they are in the world. The Prime Minister welcomed the contribution all G7 members have made to ACT-A  and the COVAX vaccine facility. He also set out the UK’s commitment to share the majority of any future surplus vaccines with COVAX.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to learn lessons from this pandemic and highlighted the importance of agreeing common protocols to prevent future pandemics. He noted the value of a global health treaty in this context.

G7 leaders welcomed the United States’ readmission to the Paris Climate Agreement and agreed on the need for a green, sustainable global recovery. The Prime Minister said that the G7 should work together to pave the way to the Kunming Convention on Biological Diversity and COP26 Summit in Glasgow in November.

All leaders agreed on the important and unique role the G7 plays as the world’s leading democracies. The Prime Minister welcomed the united stance taken by the G7 in condemning the recent coup in Myanmar and the detention of Alexey Navalny in Russia. He stressed the responsibility the G7 has to demonstrate to the world the benefit of our shared democratic values in creating open and prosperous societies.

The Prime Minister looked forward to seeing his fellow leaders in person at the G7 Summit in Cornwall in June.

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Again…remember the inauguration. This photo is from Google Images and it was put up there 5 DAYS AGO. FIVE DAYS AGO. But the event was yesterday, Friday Feb. 19th, 2021.
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Here goes Joey to the G-7 Meeting that was Virtual. Oh my head hurts.

So let’s unpack this.

First of all it was virtual which means it was like a Zoom meeting.

Secondly– six  of them were kissing the ring of  the seventh USA /Obama..I mean Biden and his “Build Back Better” Covid 4 billion dollar gift package.

Thirdly – The Prime Minister welcomed the united stance taken by the G7 in condemning the recent coup in Myanmar  (calling out the election fraud and removing the thieves who committed it and instating the one who won).

Fourthly – condemning  the detention of Alexey Navalny in Russia. (Putin’s removal of another globalist tyrant).

Other notable things – therapeutics  were included among  diagnostics and vaccines to fight their fake Covid-19.  Remember there is a world wide back lash taking place against vaccines, especially in Africa. Thus due to their brave stance to protect their people and call out WHO publicly – they include therapeutics. Not by nobility, but because it is demanded by sovereign nations.

Concerning is that the G7 leaders welcomed the United States’ readmission to the Paris Climate Agreement. The green project is agenda 21. And of course they tell you who they are by what they do and how the behave. It is obvious they are the puppets for the elite. But, not the elite names you know. The elite you know are puppets of the Payseur family the most elite (wealthy) family in North America dating back to the original Virginia Company, our first corporation of the United States. The one made with the Crown of England, and other names you haven’t heard of. ( The Rothschilds and The Payseurs | Payseur Family History – Magic, Movies and Mystery )

The wealthiest name is Payseur.- The Payseurs “crew” included Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, the Vanderbilts, and John D Rockefeller. It is said that hese men were selected by the Payseur Family because of their satanic connections.

Image result for payseur family
Remember when President Trump was asked in an interview by Laura Ingraham, “Who are the people controlling their strings?” and he said to Laura, “You wouldn’t know them.” Laura responded startled, “Wouldn’t know them?” Trump responded, “These are people that aren’t very smart with a lot of money, names you never heard of. You wouldn’t know them.” Now which names of those above have we never heard of?

As all the 7 leaders agreed on the important and unique role they play as the world’s leading democracies. And we now all know that their progressive democracies are communism. Also attending is the President of the European Union Council, and President of the European Commission. As we all know the European Union has weakened its power with the exit of Great Britain, Brexit.  They do not like the breaking away, and I’m sure they are trying to build it back better. I’m sure they all know Biden is sitting inside a shell company right now. But their hands are all out for the fiat dollar and spend, spend, spend…only to crash the markets faster to have their RESET. At the same time…we are hoping for the good guys to have their RESET, and quite frankly the entire word RESET is now sounding very ugly and uninviting. Can Americans find a better word to describe what the Republic of the United States of America will do? Does it have to even be one word? How about something like, “Financially Independent”? Too many syllables?  How about something like Debt Free? Or if we are changing everything…how about Freedom Day or Liberty Day?  Someone can decide. I rather think it makes more of a separation of the course we are on to say we the people are for  “Liberty” or “Freedom” and NWO is for RESET.  Just keep it simple

Back to the G-7 …

Important Point: This was a virtual rah rah….the actual summit takes place in June 2021, in Cornwall.

So, translated, it means…thanks for the 4 billion chump, what the heck we gonna do about Myanmar and Putin? How do we get rid of these guys? African nations are on to our Fake Covid vaccines and other countries are joining them. We can’t keep this up much longer so how do we wrap this up faster?  We’re losing more than we’re gaining here. The Pilgrim Society is getting dismantled and that might affect the SCOTUS outcome in US. What’s our plan B? Italy is a mess. – did you see the empty vaults at the Vatican? The Republic of China is emerging…how can we help the CCP? And Joe…I thought Obama was going to fix the mess in the Pentagon and the Dept. of Defense…where’s he at with all that? When will we get the 4 billion, will it be in cash or gold, the big boss wants to know?

Image result for g-7 vertual summit 2021
Boris rushing to the Virtual G-7 Meeting. Urgent and important shot. Puppet?

So we have Canada, France, Germany, Italy (it’s been wiped clean – what will the new President do?), Japan (where do they stand?), the United Kingdom – Brexit Boris, and Joes UNITED STATES, INC. (bankrupt with no real citizens.) All active puppets for the bloodlines.

We have the Republic of the United States of America, Mother Russia, Republic of China, India, Finland, The Artic Region, Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the good people of Venezuela and a list of nations on the continent of Africa, along with other small nations, on board with the Republic of the USA to build a world of mutual opportunities.

So what are the odds these 7 will meet their goals?

God is good. He laughs at Trudeau, Merkel, Macron, Boris and Joey.

Boris is still controlled by the London Cabal, which leaves us to take a look at Italy. They have had a changing of the guard that is yet to be tested, the new minister is former European Central Bank chief, Mario Draghi.

So take a hard look at who is in charge of the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, and Canada…you can even see the strings still attached, flopping their arms up and down.

God is in control.


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