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Know this one important fact. If the election is proven to be stolen in court and we are granted the president we voted for, or hold another election, whatever the outcome to victory is and we have President Trump once again. Having President Trump back at the front to lead the nation does not mean, everything will be wine and roses. It will mean that God has returned to us a leader to lead us through the next of many raging battles in this RESET war, against the cabal that will throw every thing it has at President Trump, and every one of us. It will be a season of refining, but it will be a rejoicing when the final victory is declared and our nation under God is finally proclaimed as the founding fathers originally intended. For it is a fact, we have never been totally free of the Crown…until the day we RESET everything!

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Remember the war has already begun and we are in the middle of it right now. The battle is for who gets to RESET? Those who demand law and order and in God we trust, or those who overthrow and demand a new global order. Will Tesla’s technology be used for good as he intended, or will it all be used to destroy humanity and enslave all creation by the great merchants of the earth, also known as the 1 Percenters!



GREAT MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH – 99% of the Earth’s population is controlled by an “elite” 1%, but the Council of the 13 families consists of less than 1% of the 1% “elite” and nobody on Earth can apply for membership.

The war to RESET has waged for a long while, but the broadest steps that the evil corporation has taken have been in the last 100 years. A well celebrated General Smedley D. Butler blew the whistle on the corporations and the war machine known as UNITED STATES, INC., which has served the 1% while the people were left in the dark, not knowing a dang thing.

General Smedely Butler revealed so much truth and sadly today, so few even know this General existed.

General Butler revealed the truth about Hitler and the 1 percenters behind him. IBM was the corporation that helped print the death numbers for Jews, Christians, and Gays in Hitler’s Regime. No one mentions any of this history to us. The corporations own the press and they bury all they do not want known. They censor and pay off fact checkers. Do you see how it works yet?

Bush family White House Coup
Today we are living another coup that will go down in history – wake up and know what is taking place!
Anyone who tries to expose the truth is met with a hammer. Some see their graves, others are stripped of everything. And now you know why they really arrested Roger Stone. He told too much and knew too much.We are watching it happen in real time before our eyes to anyone who goes against the desires and wishes of the cabal.
Learn our history as it was, not how they have rewritten to suit their narrative and lie to the masses.
Jacque Fresco – Introduction to Socio-cyberneering – Larry King (1974) – this is all part of Tesla’s Patents and technology…was Jacque a front guy for the 1 Percenters to present a lay person as a front to present their new gadgets, and keep Tesla buried in their propaganda? It sure looks like it to me. The 1 percenters always push a front guy out there to promote what they fund in the dark, like NASA.  One thing they cannot hide is all the diagrams, patents, and inventions look like Tesla’s. They tell on themselves always. They fund it, make a few tweaks and let some no body become anointed as somebody.  Same as they did with Zuckerberg and Jack.
And this guy Jacque was appointed to push out their FUTURE RESET CITY….and now you know why they need to depopulate and the rest of the world that they don’t have room to put into their new world order. It was Clinton who said, the number should preferably be around 500 million. So they will have their main cities for whomever is left, which looks like this is simply for the 1%  or literally most roughly  7.2%.

These people are not of human heart, they are evil possessed bodies walking among us.

This video is of Fresco at 98 years old in 2014.

This is a New World Order Program, and not a brain child of Jacque Fresco. In my opinion, based on how we now know they do things. Remember he worked with government programs. They always create child wonders who somehow are a genius in the thing they are ready to unveil. They create a wonder man to present their projects that their team of scientists have created.

Fresco died in 2017 at the age of 101. He was a close friend of Albert Einstein, and worked with him, so the story goes, but there is NO MENTION of Nicola Tesla and the patents that so closely resemble his.

Remember Tesla ‘s patents were confiscated by the government, and his assistant George Scherff Sr. had sold and given almost all of them to Hitler.

In his memorial it was stated that, “One of the greatest minds of our time left us with so much to contemplate and study. His life was a journey of exploration and discovery. One of those who went before Jacques Fresco was mentor and fellow mastermind, Albert Einstein. Before Fresco was 12 years old, he already knew that a school classroom was not the place for him.”

His story is told that he was an explorer and inventor, a self-educated man who chose to seek his own education instead of learning in a classroom. He was born in New York and hitchhiked across the United States when he was a teenager. Others (who were these so called others?)quickly saw the potential in him and he was soon drafting airplane designs. This was his starting point. What followed was a lifetime of conjuring up new concepts and infrastructure. His inventions ranged from driverless cars and extruded dwellings to floating cities.

The Venus Project, hidden in central Florida, displays Fresco’s idea of a futuristic world. The project operates as a self-sufficient utopia, demonstrating a world that is resource-driven instead of capital-driven.

Take another look at this selected atheist, chosen to usher in the utopia for the 1 percenter seed of whatever these ritual based do.

Facts: Fresco discredited Tesla, and glorified Einstein. One of the quotes Jacque Fresco is noted for is:  “Tesla didn’t say, ‘I have to make wireless electricity!’ The brain does not work that way.”

Fresco said to have worked with Albert Einstein, and the same was his mentor. Even though, Einstein is noted to be a man who worked alone.

Supposedly, Jacque Fresco met Albert Einstein when he was a kid and asked him if he believed in God. He said Einstein’s response was, “Which one?”

Those who have looked into the global RESET, are either aware of or can see that this project is not out of the blue. It has been worked on for centuries and is at its’ final completion. We can also see that Fresco has been working on this project and funded by those whose ambitions are a new world order.

Tesla was the mathmatical genius. All present technology comes from Tesla’s patents. Fresco doesn’t mention him. Why is that? Because the same people that stole the patents are the ones who made Fresco their science superstar. The same as they made Zuck and Jack.

 Fresco has said, “All cultures are basically corrupt – its language is old – designed hundreds of years ago.” In an article it is his opinion, that this is foundational to many of our societal problems and he emphasizes that designing a language that is not subject to interpretation is very important, and that the solution to the “corruption” of cultures is the Venus Project.

Jacque and the Venus Project encourages working with children – as in Hillary’s village which is a global vision.

Jacque stated that raising a human being is very complex and that “the worst thing anyone can do is to give people the right to their own opinion.” He encouraged teaching kids to say three key words: “I don’t know.” His vision for the future of all education will show visuals and focus on hands-on-learning only.

Now, I ask you, are these the words of a man who is self taught and said, I am not going to allow the school system to influence me? The man is a fake created by the CIA, NASA, NWO and all the Cabal. He had the ability to memorize and act out the part they deemed him to do. I am sure he was paid handsomely for his participation, or perhaps he is just of the right bloodline to desire its’ formation as any of those who are pushing it? Perhaps both.

Tesla not only patented robotic features for industry and automation, he patented robots who would perform tasks like humans and move about. The very first robots.

MORE RESET: WHEN ASKED in 2012 what he would do if he were elected as president this year and started in the oval office Jan 20th 2013? He answered…

“I’d declare all the world’s resources as a common heritage of all the world’s people and get them to join and become one nation who takes care of the environment, the earth, the atmosphere…. I’d abolish all separate nations because they are all corrupt.”

When asked about the the banking system, he answered: “Gone, no money anymore.”

Does this not SOUND LIKE THE GLOBAL RESET? Remember we are in a different type of war and one if the White Hats of God win, we’ll RESET the world for good of all humanity, or if the Dark hats of the Cabal win they will RESET the world with all the bells and whistles of puppet Fresco’s Venus Project, for behind its’ veil is the new world order and their great RESET. Read more here:

Pray that our military white hats and President Trump prevail in this wicked war that we all find ourselves inside of whether we acknowledge it or deny it, and whether we like it or not…this is where we are.


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