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How’s That Biden Administration Doing For Ya? I’ve found out a few new things, but, not sure of all the details. I may have to circle back. Enjoy the show…

Another view of two presidents…

On a serious note, listen close to what is said in this video. This is for anyone who isn’t seeing that anything is and was being done about the election theft, and all the things that have taken place since November 3, 2020.

Remember the date, November 9, 2020 just 6 days after the election. That is when President Trump removed Esper as Acting Secretary of Defense and replaced him with the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center – Christopher Miller. Miller became the new Acting Secretary of Defense. Listen close to the words in the video and you will hear a lot of clues as to what was being prepared and what was taking place when no one was thinking anything was happening. In the announcement, they present the vision of John F. Kennedy, and a new type of war and the preparations that were needed to defend America from it. This was and is an important clue that we had entered into WWIII. And it was a different kind of war, one we had never seen before. After watching, it is my hope that you will see more clearly as to many of the things that are taking place and know that the military has sworn an oath to protect the people of the United States of America and not an oath to serve any President’s communistic regime desires.

We are watching a show and it does have consequences therefore, pray that our white hat military get all the dark ones that have infilitrated within every branch and administration in our Government, including the Pentagon and all the alphabet agencies. Trump has taken an action. He has not left the mission to make America Greater. The military is in charge.

Any time armed military surround a city with weapons, and take it over, such as what has and is taking place right now at the Capitol in Washington D.C., it can only be done after martial law has been declared. That area is either under martial law or has had the insurrection act enacted, it is either one or the other. Read below and you decide.

Generally, martial law means that the military takes over civilian control of the government, whereas the Insurrection Act applies to specific instances of rebellion or refusal to uphold the law and requires a state’s National Guard or the U.S. military to intervene. “Martial law is essentially the absence of law.”

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