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As we celebrate the fizzling out of the impeachment, it leads one to wonder what the Dems will try next. Therefore, being proactive seems to be the best move forward and holding a few people accountable for perjury, if for no other reason than that, seems to be a good course of action. So as I was looking into how to be proactive, things started looking smokey. Like the type of stuff in smoke and mirrors. So, as I always do when I feel that way, I stopped and thought. I thought a lot.

In so doing, I saw that I had been looking at the pieces we were all directed to look at. They were key pieces. But, the picture had a lot of holes that my memory was pushing to the front to think about.

Image result for pelosi in capitol on the 23rd

Here is where my thoughts were dashing. Knowing that Pelosi and McConnell are now at odds, I wondered. What happened to Pelosi? She looked so ragged, and although it was fun to see it as a melt down. I couldn’t help noticing her jowls that kept hanging out of her mask when she talked. Something that had never happened before. I noticed the colored hair dye on her hairline and the odd disheveled for Nancy, style. With the color quite off. But, maybe since her salon set her up in the past, she is now doing her own color at home?

Enter Mitch McConnell…

From an article on impeachment decisions, “McConnell called major Republican donors last weekend to gauge their thinking about Trump and was told that Trump had clearly crossed a line. McConnell told them he was through with Trump, said the strategist, who demanded anonymity to describe McConnell’s conversations.

“The New York Times first reported McConnell’s views on impeachment on Tuesday. The stunning collapse of Trump’s final days in office, along with warnings of more violence ahead, leaves the nation at an uneasy and unfamiliar juncture before Biden takes office.

“Trump faces the single charge of “incitement of insurrection.”.

Read full article:

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So what line did Trump cross? What did he mean by more violence ahead? From supporters? Or from something else? What could have really irritated the pompous turtle? Let’s unpack this…and remember, this is just a scenario of what could have been the motivation for all the insanity we watched as the desperate stolen administration entered in on day one, without a lot of smiles and pomp. Recall that they were all gleeful up until this January 13, 2021. Why, just that morning on the way into the Capitol, Pelosi was proudly addressing the guard for what she said was a future documentary. They love their documentaries. Filled with one sided staged events they call history. She was masked, but her eyes showed she was cheery and gloating behind the mask as she addressed the guard so arrogantly.

Nancy is so proud, all perky and her usual hypocritical self. Now addressing the troops on this sunny day – January 13,2021.
Nancy is now ready to speak her impeachment lines. But, she has just been escorted to the chambers by U.S. Marshalls. Is it more dangerous inside the capitol building than outside on the grounds? Remember…how perky she was just a little while ago? Now she is nervous and shaking a bit. She is definitely not her usual self. Not the gloating gal that tore up the State of the Union Address, or smuggly smiled and said, “We’ll just have to pass the health care bill to find out what’s in it.” She’s definately not that nancy. Not after she got a walk down the hall.

Pelosi looks very nervous and a bit rattled. She was so perky coming in that morning. What happened?

Here is Nervous Nancy with her signed impeachment victory. Why are her eyes so sad? Remember when she had her first impeachment a year earlier?

I do. Wow…why is this so night and day. Happy to sad? Maybe it’s because her new pens didn’t arrive in time for the new signing? But all was so fine, just before the U.S. Marshalls escorted her inside the Capitol. What happened?

Why does Pelosi look like a deer in the headlights?

Back to McConnell…

McConnell knew full well that Trump supporters would not commit such riotous acts. They wouldn’t harm police or others. Very few of them even fight back when attacked on the streets. The try to difuse the situation first, then if all else fails, they defend. They’re usually the ones always getting kicked in the head from behind. He also must have known that someone was planning to have a false flag. But, I am sure he never expected Trump to make a public announcement telling people to go home peacefully, nor to allow the military to take over the insurgence and ruin the entire set up.

Remember Capitol Police Chief Sund went to McConnell to have him make a call for some help. That went no where, at least no where with any results. Why is that?

Back to what Trump did that crossed the line? Did he call an insurrection act over a staged event put on by Dems and Rinos who sponsor them? Is this why McConnell, was now through with Trump? Because Trump out foxed them all? By not allowing them to pin this on the supporters, he would ruin the entire plan of declaring the supporters as dangerous as Trump. The media and Dems were already saying that. Remember?

But, what if Trump had called the insurrection act? That would mean the Dems were stuck under military authority. They can’t go against the military during an active insurrection act in progress? ENTER- big, tall fence with barb wire facing inwards, and lots of troops. Now it becomes more clear as to why Biden (or someone) ordered the troops to the parking garage. Nothing was playing out like they expected, and certainly nothing close to what we the people were being told.


A little while back I had the honor of being fact checked on Verify, along with some others, for making the statement that it looked like President Trump called the Insurrection Act. As some who follow might recall the article. Here is my fact checker debut…

It’s a short film so please watch all the way through and listen to the constitution expert lawyer. Spoil alert: They did not confirm nor deny the accuracy of the claims. However, once I had their information, I was able to pin point the day it was declared.

Trump made such a proclamation on January 6, 2021 he did so almost immediately after his speech. Trump immediately told the insurgents to disperse and go home now, in peace to their homes. Now, how long it takes for military to take action? I’m not sure. But from the roll out of events. It is looking like immediately.

If you watched the video, you will know what this all means, if you didn’t stop to watch the video. Here are the facts. To call an insurrection act you CANNOT CALL IT IN SECRECY. The President must make a proclamation, as stated above. The command will then shift in this order.

# 1 President shall make a public proclamation to disperse. Immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time. Trump immediately told the insurgents to disperse and go home now, in peace to their homes.

#2 President will ask the military to stop the insurrection or public violence.

#3 Military now makes the decisions on what is necessary to accomplish that.

So, that being said…can you see the “WTF” look on a few Dem and RINO faces? I can. So, the fact checker video also explains what can be done to stop the insurrection act if it is called by the President. The Vice President can invoke the 25th Amendment.

If the Vice President refuses to invoke the 25th Amendment. Then Congress can ask the Supreme Court to deem the act unconstitutional.

If that doesn’t work, then they can impeach him to remove his AUTHORITY FOREVER.

So now you understand what they have been doing and how they aren’t winning right now. But, this brings us back to the question of what will they try next? Which leads to another question…who are they? How many of the authentic, the real “they” are left? How many are actors and actresses? Paid personas? Are we literally WATCHING THE SHOW? The one Don Trump Jr. keeps telling us to enjoy? If so, why the facade? Perhaps to allow the world to see what they planned and how they planned it first. Imagine if they just took them down and you read about it. Who would have believed it? But making them finish what they started like Nancy on January 13, 2021…sure was priceless. Remember that deer in the headlights look. Which brings me to her melt down yesterday. Was that her or was that a look a-like. Was Nancy already taken away or is she still among us? I keep seeing that jowl slip out of the mask. Look and see what I’m talking about. However, if this is real, she is definately having a come apart.

In this type of war where secrecy is held dear on both sides. The key to figuring things out, at least for me, is to watch reactions. Then look for what the action was that caused it. And if there is an action…look for what the reaction might be. In so doing, many secrets can be found and next moves anticipated. Stimulus, response. It’s like when the little kid hauls off and hits the big kid from behind (action) and the big kid turns around with fire in his eyes…the little kid now realizes he made a dumb move. Anyone watching knows what is about to happen next. Smile.

I have faith that God has everything in his hands. In him are all the answers we need.


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