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Eyes are opening wide as we see how the latest coup pushers pre-planned a false flag attack on the Capitol Building in order to blame President Trump and all who supported the president. They bussed in their organized street thugs, coordinated D.C. police with the Mayor, and Pelosi was obviously orchestrating the event which of course was kept secret. Yet, that secret was a big fail for everyone who watched objectively and saw any of the videos can see it was preplanned to the point of a scathing clown show. Yet, many innocent people have now been falsely accused of doing evil things and those doing evil have been rewarded. So the question is, how many of the other attacks on the capitol were allowed to take place, and how many actually happened by not being allowed? So as we wait to see what happens next in the show we are watching, it was interesting to go back and look at past attacks.

Capitol has seen violence over 220 years, but not like this - ABC News

In 1814 the Capitol was burned down by the British, which after we officially entered the war of 1812. The war of 1812 is one of fascinating history. All nations were bribing and offering false promises to the indigenous peoples to have them join in their war efforts over the land of (ironically) the indigenous people. Some joined US troops, some joined French, and some joined the British. Meanwhile Napoleon had conquered much in Europe and all were exhausted in manpower and more. If not for indigenous people, America would have been overthrown. It is true, research it and learn what really took place. There is a reason it’s not much talked about.

The ruins of the U.S. Capitol following British attempts to burn the building; includes fire damage to the Senate and House wings, damaged colonnade in the House of Representatives shored up with firewood to prevent its collapse, and the shell of the rotunda with the facade and roof missing.
VCG Wilson/Corbis/Getty Images

In 1793, when President George Washington laid the first cornerstone. In 1800 the federal government moved from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.. The design was based on ancient Greek and Roman architecture.

In 1915 a Former Harvard Professor Tried to Blow Up the U.S. Capitol |  Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

In 1915, a former German professor at Harvard, Erich Muenter, planted a package containing three sticks of dynamite in the Capitol near the Senate Reception room. Another attack on the capitol transpired. He also went to J.P. Morgan’s home and shot him. Morgan recovered and Muenter was jailed and committed, you guessed it…suicide.

From left, Puerto Rican nationalists Irvin Flores Rodríguez, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Lolita Lebrón and Andres Figueroa Cordero are seen in a police lineup in this March 1, 1954 photo, following a shooting attack at the U.S. Capitol. Cancel Miranda, the last surviving member of the group, died at his residence in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 2, 2020. (The Associated Press)

On March 1, 1954, four Puerto Rican Americans attacked the House of Representatives, shooting five congressmen. The attackers said they did it to demand independence for their U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. They wanted the ability to vote for the president who governed them. At the time, they had no voting representatives in Congress and no right to vote.  The five congressmen survived, and the four shooters received prison sentences. Later President Carter commuted one of their sentences in 1977, and granted clemency to the other three in 1979.

US Capitol bomb 1971

In 1971, the Weather Underground bombed the Captitol, causing $300,000 in damage. The claimed they did it in protest of the ongoing U.S. supported bombing of Laos.  Several members of the Weather Underground served prison time for other attacks and activities, no one was ever arrested for the 1971 bombing.

In 1983 Six left-wing extremists bombed the US Capitol. Ringleader, Linda Sue Evans was sentenced to 35 years in prison but was pardoned by President Clinton in 2001.

The question is, aside from the war of 1812, how were these attacks allowed to happen in the guarded Capitol? And why was one suicided and the others pardoned? What secrets did those pardoning know that the public did not? Did these events serve a specified purpose? Just how vulnerable is the capitol?

Pictures: Trump supporters rally near White House
More Than 1 Million Rally at Women's Marches in US and Around World - ABC  News
Records show fervent Trump fans fueled Capitol takeover
Trump Supporters Clash With Capitol Police At Protest, Senate And House  Recess | WLRN

We saw how the Jan.6th, 2021 breech took place and now we all know it was a preplanned event involving many in Congress and collaberated with D.C. Mayor and her Police department and a terrorist organization called ANTIFA, and others bussed in by those who organized it. And why? To blame President Trump for having a rally, and all the millions who attended. Well, it isn’t going to stick. What it does however raise are a mountain of questions on all the other attacks that have taken place. What did those involved have to gain by these?

The corporation is definitely full of secrets.

Dianne Marshall

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