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If you live in California then you have been or will eventually have to deal with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. These long-lamented bastions of bureaucracy has been the butt of many jokes and long tails, and rightfully so too. My latest personal adventure to this “wonderful” institution was met with nearly half a day of waiting and scuffling from window to window all because there was a clerical error on my license. It was corrected in the end but I had to waste a complete day and fight with many “experts” that told me that the error was mine and it couldn’t be done on the DMV’s end.

Later that evening and now almost a week later I have been looking for information about the DMV and found little is being written or discussed about this huge problem. Only one State Assemblyman is discussing the issue, State Assemblyman Phillip Chen of the 55th District. In a recent published article he stated, “The main reason for the increased wait times is the implementation of the REAL ID Act.” He goes on, “wait times have skyrocketed and DMV offices are not making the needed changes to
make up for the expected increased demand. At some locations, it takes
upwards of eight hours to renew a driver’s license, pay registration fees or
transfer vehicle ownership. Even customers who followed the DMV’s advice to make an appointment are stuck in line for most of the day. “

Assemblyman Chen (R-Brea) represents Portions of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties and has begun to really take this problem to task and is asking for a full review of this terrible service that we, the tax payer’s are paying for. I for one believe we deserve better and at least one State representative does as well, Phillip Chen of the 55th State district. I support his efforts and hope he continues the fight.

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